Digital watches – Advantages and disadvantages

Digital watches – choosing the right one

Digital watches can be different from their analog counterparts. In general, they have functions and holds a ton of information into their displays compared to most traditional wristwatches. When choosing a digital watch, you must consider the following:

  • Water and shock resistance – To make sure your new digital watch really can stand up to some challenge, get one that with shock absorbing materials like urethane in the bracelet and bezel. And for water sport activities or simply just waterproof 30M water resistance should hold up, however, consider one with 200M if you plan swimming with your watch.

Digital watches – consideration #2

  • Battery and power source – a potential drawback on digital wristwatches is the risk of dead batteries. However, most digital watches with batteries can last up to several years. Spending a little more you can get solar powered digital watches that recharges itself.

Digital watches – consideration #3

  • Legibility – While digital display can be easily read than hands on an analog watch, sometimes all the other sensors can be overwhelming. So, pick a watch with the right balance of information and legibility.

Digital watches – consideration #4

  • Special features – if you have a specific use case in mind, look out for extra features that would come handy. For example, some Casio G-shock tells not only the time, date, altitude, atmospheric pressure, and even the temperature.

Digital watches – extra factors to look at:

It is a given that there are a lot of other things to consider in buying a timepiece; be it a mechanical or digital type. If however, you decide to go for a digital watch, the following are factors to look at:

  • Size- should you go for the large types or go for the more classical kinds that Casio timepieces are known for?
  •  Display type– straight forward with just a digital display or would you want more style with traditional hands as add on?

Digital watches – better accuracy

Digital watches are liked by many due to the fact that they offer a variety of timekeeping features. Another reason why others believe it to be better than other types of display and therefore preferred by many is that because is known to have better accuracy than their automatic and mechanical counterparts. 

Digital watches – buying decision rely on personal taste

Digital watches - buying decision rely on personal taste

It goes without saying that much of the buying decision still rely on personal taste and style. Comfort, lifestyle, and fashion sense have a lot of influence on a person’s decision making with respect to most purchases.

Digital watches – 3 top digital watches on the market

Here are some of the more known brands that came up with their own versions of watches for men and women with a digital display.  

  1. Citizen Watches JY8078-01L Promaster Skyhawk A-T Blue
  2. SUUNTO Traverse Alpha
  3. Casio Men’s ‘PRO TEK’ Solar Powered Silicone Watch

Digital watches – Nature of Digital Display Watches 

The exact opposite of analog watch timepieces is how several watch lovers would describe a digital piece. Originally designed and manufactured to improve on-time accuracy as well as to address the concern brought on by the high cost of automatic and mechanical wristwatches.  

Digital watches – convenience and simplicity

The epitome of convenience and simplicity, which is why many prefer it even for their children. Furthermore, almost all digital watches include an  AM/PM indicator as well as a day/date display.

Easy access to accurate information in such a small watch. Includes a backlight in its additional features, which is helpful for better legibility. 

Digital watches – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Digital Display


  • It can give time accurately and very easily at once glance
  • Digital timepieces provide several other features, other than AM/PM indicator, date and day as mostly found in other regular pieces
  • Some of the  functions  this type, includes a chronograph, timer, alarm, backlight, and perpetual calendar


  • Not as impressive as other types (definitely not at par with automatic pieces)
  • Not a good alternative  for formal occasions or events

Digital watches – picking the right watch

Digital watches come with different style, features, and colors, the most important thing when choosing a digital watch for yourself, as a first-time buyer, it is advised to get a watch that fits your lifestyle. Choosing a watch comes down to personal preferences. Whichever the choice goes in picking the perfect watch for you, it is always a good decision to have a better and clearer idea on the product that you are getting.