Dive Watches for Women – Reviews and Guide of A dive Watch for Women

Dive Watches for Women– How Dive Watches for Women Looks

A dive watch, known as a diver’s watch is a watch designed for underwater diving.  IT features a water resistance greater than 1.0MPa, the equivalent of 100m. However, modern technology develops a dive watch that can go deeper. A real contemporary diver’s watch is in accordance with the ISO 6425 standard. This defines test standards and features that fit for diving with underwater breathing apparatus in 100m depth. Dive watches for women are primarily tool watches, however, watchmaker companies offer models where dive watches can be regarded as jewelry and mechanical devices.

Dive Watches for Women – The Types and Features of A Dive Watch

Dive watches for women have different types. Learn the looks of these different types of dive watches.   

Analog Dive Watch. This is the most common type for scuba divers. Analog refers to the display of the watch. The display of an analog watch has two hands that point to numbers on the round dial.

Digital Dive Watch. This type is a popular choice especially for women who are budget conscious. These dress watches for women are more affordable than the analog dive watch. A digital dive watch has an easy to use backing light that helps the diver read the time on a night dive. The numbers are also easy to read due to its big size.

Automatic Dive Watch. It is a self-winding watch. It works due to the movement of the wrist so you do not need a battery on it. Since it moves through the wrist, automatic dive watch does not work if not used for two days.

Titanium Dive Watch. The casing or part of it is made of titanium at 50% stronger than steel but around 30% lighter. Titanium watches are highly resistant to saltwater corrosion. It’s pretty pricey but a type of watch that is worth buying. Titanium dive watches for women are hypoallergenic.

Chronograph Scuba Diving Watch. This operates like a stopwatch. It has two to four smaller dials set in the watch face. It can time different events in minutes and seconds.  

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Dive Watches for Women – The Parts of Dive Watches for Women

  1. The Case. For a dive watch, it is important to have a case that can withstand harsh conditions and long submersion in saltwater. The form and material of the case are important to have the most favorable function that there should be no water to come in.
  2. The Bezel. The rotating bezel of a dive watch is the first thing that says its type. It works in simple ways. Rotate the bezel and line the triangle with the minute hand. As the minute hand moves during the dive, you will see how long you’ve been underwater.
  3. The Dial. Dive watches dials are easy to read. They have three hands that make the diver easy to read the time. The dials of dive watches for women are usually luminous.
  4. The Movement. The movement of a dive watch should always be powerfully built. Designs for this type of watch are not important to serve its main purpose being easily read by a diver. The movement should always be consistent.
  5. The Straps. As a woman diver goes deeper, the more pressure her body gets. The wetsuit also gets becomes tight, so as her dive watch. A good watch strap should always be considered. Usually, a dive watch has stainless steel or NATO straps. A strap that can be adjusted easily is very essential for divers so it will not cause any distractions underwater.

Dive Watches for Women – Checking Watch Reviews is Recommended

A woman diver ideally buys the best type of dive watches for women. Checking watch reviews on dive watches is essential. You can also check watch prices and news as your first step. With this buying attitude, you will know the best product, save the time of going anywhere you want to buy, and definitely will save your money for the best dive watch you have picked!