Watches for men – Review on Automatic and Mechanical Watch

Watches for men – Collectors choice

Watches for men at any collectors would definitely have either an automatic or mechanical piece in their collection, if not both. People who appreciate timepieces will not be able to resist the fascinating truth behind these types of wristwatches. Many will argue and I tend to agree that these two are distinct from each other, it is however for the purpose of simplifying things that I do it this way. 

Watches for men – Luxury watches

If you know of any Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Patek Philippe and  Vacheron Constantin watch for men in particular then you are aware of the finer examples of mechanical and automatic watches. It can also equally be inferred that you have an idea of how these pieces are priced. Yes, they are expensive and too many, cost a small fortune. But knowing how they are designed, the amount of time used to put them together and the skills and expertise that went into each one of these pieces, make them all worth every penny.

Watches for men – What is the difference between mechanical and automatic watches

The simplest explanation about them and also their similarity is that both can do without a power source to give them electricity to run or more appropriately…to move. This and the amount of time used to put them together are two of their similarities. But it is the difference that they have compared with other types that we need to take note of.

  • Look at the second’s hands and it will give you the first clue. Does it tick every second or actually ticking at a faster rate or rhythm? Because of how it works, they produce a rather unique effect and that is the second’s hand move fluidly in a very relaxed action and pleasant way. 
  • Another similarity would be that both these types have 5 components that make them up. And they are as follows; energy source, wheels or gear train, escapement, controller or balance wheel and last but not the least the time indicator. These are the factors that essentially make both automatic and mechanical watches for men and women function as they do.

Watches for men – the similarities

Watches for men - the similarities

Now we know their similarities. So next would be,  what’s the difference between automatic and mechanical watches?

As to that essentially the difference is only on how both acquire the energy they need to power up. Automatic watches are moved through a simple machine called a rotor. This weighted mechanism causes the mainspring to wind. This works, as the rotor apparently “automatically” rotates on its own (no winding needed) as the watch is used. Now we know, where it got its name.

Watches for men- Characteristics

Watches for men- On the other hand, mechanical watches require winding manually before being used. This is why many are of the opinion that automatic watches are easier and more convenient to use than their counterparts. No wonder then, that the latter has a lesser number of fans in the market and have lesser options to choose from, unlike the automatic variety.

For a very unique and characteristic watch, automatic and mechanical is the one to go for.