Watches for Men – Pilot or Aviation Watch on the market today

Watches for Men – Pilot or Aviation Watch

Exemplary times require exemplary tools. In this day of age, where the growth of technology is felt in all aspects of life, so much change and development can be observed in watches for men and women. One fine work that the horological industry can boast of is the growing strength and popularity of aviation or pilot watches. The timepieces that are released from this type of watch are some of the best, both in design and in functionality. They are durable, versatile, nicely made and truly every dollar spent.

So where did it all begin you might ask. It can be noted that men’s watches for pilots have been around since the ear 1900s. It gained popularity because of the Brazilian-born pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont. He is considered as a major contributor and advocate of aircraft design during that period.

Four Pilot Watches for Men

Watches for Men 1. Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission

If you are looking for something sleek and supercharge, then Chronospace Evo Night Mission by Breitling is just what you are looking for. It is one of those durable and classic type of wristwatch for men.

watches for men
  • It comes in a 43mm diameter case
  • This men’s watch features the brand’s diver strap for versatility as well as durability
  • Also comes with an advance SuperQuartz movement and a thermal compensated quartz electronic
  • With a fast-action timezone change, this simply means that this watch can keep up with speed and ease as you travel from continent to continent

Watches for Men 2. IWC Big Pilots Top Gun Watch

Are you familiar with Top Gun? Maverick? I am sure though you know Tom Cruise. Yes, Maverick is the character played by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, a story that revolves around the aviation world. What further marked that iconic film, is the IWC brand which names its Pilot’s Watch “Top Gun”, a good decision for every reason. Whoever thought of is a certified genius.

  • It comes with 44. 5 mm diameter case
  • Complemented with a textured black calfskin strap as well as a tough

Watches for Men 3. Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

Garmin is a brand that has proven they can go beyond the limits. What they came up with is not just the regular aviation watch with its already complex features and add the capacity to include your car’s GPS system. Great right?

  • Comes with a highly advanced technology
  • Capable of showing aviation weather
  • Can monitor heart rate and much, much more
  • As a bonus, it also comes with a striking dial design and your choice of three watch straps

Watches for Men 4. Fortis Cockpit One Chronograph

Finally, the Fortis Cockpit One Chronograph is a good reminder of the one key phrase upon first glance. Accurate and precise are two words you would repeatedly use for this wristwatch for men.  A truly exemplary piece of timekeeper, with top design and workmanship. Nicely completed with crisp numeral markings as well as a unique day-date design and not to mention updated chronograph placement.

  • Unique and fine workmanship
  • Durable and highly functional
  • Precise movement and accurate work

Watches for Men – pilots great choice

Nowadays, men are wearing watches for some reason. One of the reasons is that they need in their work. Because of that watch companies produced many kinds of timepieces that have great features. Moreover, pilot watches have been created for long years since pilots need it to navigate the skies. Watches have different specifications that are appropriate for your preferred watch.