Watches for Men Review – Five Aviation-Inspired Watches

What are the watches for men?

Any man or woman for that matter would love to have a nice aviation watch. This type of timepiece evolved from a purely technical pilot watches for men to timepieces that just attract so much attention and admiration. Its design gets inspiration obviously from the aviation world. Anyone would surely appreciate the creativity and functionality of such a piece, especially those who are into traveling and going on flights from time to time, either for business or leisure. The watchmakers showed much understanding of the flight world in each piece that is created and released into the market. Furthermore, the men’s watches guide will be a great help to all watch wearers.

Here are the Top Favorites from This Line:

Watches for men 1. Breitling Cockpit B50

watches for men

On any other type of men’s watches, it might have looked ridiculous to see a digital display set in the middle of an analog watch dial. But not so, with the Breitling Cockpit B50, on the contrary, it sets this seemingly mismatch features to good use. It made it easily legible, which what a good pilot watch is all about.  

No wonder it gained the title, “ultimate pilot’s instrument,”. Surely, this multifunctioning electronic chronograph carries a movement consistent for aviation. The Breitling B50 Super Quartz is bursting with great design and multiple functions.

  • Comes in 46 mm diameter titanium case (or black titanium)
  • Offers a digital with a perpetual calendar
  • Includes a flight-time chronograph function, as well as an electronic tachometer

Watches for men2. Bremont Special Edition 1918

This is one of the three exemplary variations. The Bremont’s Special Edition 1918, is a such a well-made watches for men, that it was the chosen timepiece to commemorate the centenary for Great Britain’s Royal Air Force.

  • Built with 43 mm diameter case
  • An automatic watch, which means that it is “self-winding” and have zero need for batteries
  • Comes in any of the following variations:  stainless steel rose gold or white gold
  • With a modified automatic chronometer movement
  • Part of the dial’s feature or design is the first-ever moon phase complication
  • A design that placed careful attention to details that boast of its rotor material: metal and wood veneer from four original RAF aircraft flown during World War I and World War II.

Watches for men3. IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery

One more of the brands a tentpole category for IWC, as well as the Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery acts as a truly sensational representation.

  • Comes with four subdials that provided visual proportion to a dial that’s rich of  technical notifications
  • It has a self-winding movement ( no batteries needed men’s watch)
  • Boasts of an uncommon, seven-day power reserve
  • With a perpetual calendar, as well as moon phase
  • Nicely made with refined detail work, with an 18 karat red gold rotor and Côtes de Genève finish

Watches for men4. Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref 5524G

Just the name itself will give anyone the idea that this must be a great watch. Another magnificent example of a Patek work that provides much potential for aviation-inspired watches. The Patek Philippe’s Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref 5524G, so much class as well as a dual-time zone mechanism; a feature that any frequent flyer will surely appreciate.

  • Comes in a 43 mm white gold diameter case, as well as a sapphire crystal case back
  • With a  21K gold central rotor
  • Gold is also a prominent material that was applied to its numerals

Watches for men

Nowadays there are different types of watches for men that have great features wherein useful in your job. However, it’s necessary to read the specifications of the watch you want to purchase and some reviews as well.