Watches for men – 5 Things to Consider when buying men’s watch

Watches for men – What to get this summer

We all know selecting summer men’s watches aren’t an easy choice at all. Summer is right around the corner, and there is no season for watches. Even in winter, spring, or fall, you’ll surely want a timepiece to bring around. If it was as easy as wearing it, every man would be proudly sporting his watch. However, when choosing a watch, there’s a lot to consider. Here are five things to look out for when purchasing a watch:

Watches for men tip #1

  • 1. Brand

If money isn’t a problem, go for those prestigious brands. However, if you’re working with a budget, your brand will most likely depend on how much you’re willing to spend. It goes from entry-level brands, mid-level brands, high-end brands and of course, the luxury brands. So, choose a brand depending on how much you’re willing to invest. Keep in mind that summer men’s wristwatches aren’t an expense, but an investment. Choose wisely, spend wisely in terms of purchasing a watch.

Watches for men tip#2

  • 2. Watch band/strap

Watches for men have two main types of strap — leather, which offers various types of leather straps such as a simple leather strap, crocodile watch strap, alligator watch strap, and so on; and metal straps which can either be made of precious metal or stainless steel.

Your choice of band depends on your preference and personal taste though, and whether it’s for daily wear or will it be a dress watch. Leather straps are usually meant for dress watches and tend to be dressier than a metal watch. It’s all up to you.

Watches for men tip #3

  • 3. Case

It’s quite important to find a case that can complement your wrist perfectly. A small case tends to look better on thin wrists. So also, a huge case would look strange and oversize for small wrists. If your wrist is broad, a larger case will complement you well. 

Watches for men tip #4

  • 4. Dial 

The size and weight of the dial are determined by your body type. If you’re a heavy-set man, a standard dial may look womanly on your wrist. Select a watch that’s bulkier. In case you have an average build, the standard watches for men are preferable. However, if you just want to experiment with a bulkier dial, you can do so.

Watches for men tip #5

  • 5. Analog or Digital?

This decision completely depends on your preference and watch use. The dial of an analog watch has an hour and minute hands with numbers, Roman numbers or markers that indicate time. On the other hand, a digital watch has an LED display and the time is displayed numerically. The analog watch is most likely preferred for its style and class rather than as a timepiece since it’ll take seconds to stare at it before figuring out the exact time. On the contrary, a digital watch only takes a second to know the time, and — it’s always exact.

Watches for men – complete your summer with summer watches for men

Watches for men this summer is still completely up to you. Whatever style you like, whichever type you want, it’s still your investment. Unsaid, personal taste is an important factor as well. Even though everyone gives you lots of tips, you’ll still stick to your liking, of course. Choose wisely!