Watch Brands Review: Top Swiss watch brands for Men

What are the top Swiss watch brands in the marketplace?

Excellence in watchmaking is at present time synonymous to “Swiss made”. It’s not even anymore the whole region of Europe but just “Swiss”. This is not surprising considering the number of luxury men and women’s watches that are Swiss-born. Including their date and place of inception. There are some top swiss watch brands for you to choose from in this article.

Here are 7 of the top Swiss watch brands:

Swiss watch brands -1.Patek Philippe (Geneva),  1851

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The luxury watch collection is not real if it does not include at least one from Patek. When connoisseurs in men’s watches get all excited you know they are discussing a Patek. Patek Philippe holds the honor of being a certified producer of timepieces that can be sold for over a million-dollar price. The number of collectors and fans pay to own may appear scandalous to some, but not so if you consider them as artworks. If that does not show prestige then, what does?

Swiss watch brands – 2. Jaeger-LeCoultre ( Le Sentier, Chenit), 183

Founded by Antoine LeCoultre. Known for their creation and invention of over a thousand calibers (movement of the watch ) to its credit, topping it with the horological world’s smallest caliber. The different movements the present generation of watchmakers have much to be grateful for from this company.

Swiss watch brands – 3. Rolex (Geneva), 191

Today is considered one of the top Swiss brands in luxury watches for men and women, however, its beginning started in London, 1905. A name associated with so many great works, combining master craftmanship with plain ingenuity in watchmaking in each every one of their products.

Swiss watch brands – 4.Vacheron Constantin (Geneva), 1755

This is probably the oldest watchmaking company that is across the planet. It is then no wonder that their pieces are very much admired by royalties and other notable personalities. So also, they have set the standard for luxury watches for men and women.

Swiss watch brands – 5. IWC (Schaffhausen), 1868

Founded by Florentine Ariosto Jones. It’s known for their passion and commitment for innovation and technical creativity they have maintained a steady following of their work. They made their personal contribution to watchmaking history when in 1993, IWC created one of the most complexed wristwatches in history: the Destriero Scafusia.

Swiss watch brands – 6. TAG Heuer  (Saint-Imier, Jura),1860

Originally tagged Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG by its founder Edouard Heuer. At present is under the French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. Their contribution to the industry includes the dashboard chronograph called “Time of Trip” in 1911, as well as launched its first wrist chronograph in 1914. They are known for their genius in simplifying the chronograph and improving its functionalities.

Swiss watch brands – 7. Breitling SA (Saint-Imier ), 1884

The company is all about creating high grade, top quality aviator chronographs. In the small municipality of Grenchen located at the foot of the Jura mountains: a mountain ridge, northwest of the Swiss Alps by the Swiss-French border this company continues to produce their high-grade pieces. From the time it made its debut in the world of horology through its founder Léon Breitling they have to remain constant in their commitment to producing the finest men and women’s watches for the world.

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People might choose the top Swiss watch brands of watches because it’s known that they are providing quality timepiece in the marketplace. If you want the best watch for your wrist, I suggest that you visit Amazon. For sure you’ll find the perfect watch that you wish for.