Smartwatch review – Top 5 smartwatches in 2019

the popularity of a smartwatch

Today, the popularity of wearable technology including fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses and so on has taken over the market. Additionally, wearing a smartwatch is becoming a trend among teens and gadget lovers. More companies now are developing smart devices such as a smartwatch, however, there are some people who are convinced that buying a smartwatch is a waste. Let’s explore some advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches, so you can decide on your own if it is worth your money.

The best smartwatch is the one that’s compatible with your smartphone and your needs. Here’s what you need to know before buying one.

smartwatch review advantages to know

the advantages of a smartwatch

  • Use it as a fitness tracker

Smartwatch is more than just a time-telling device. This can check steps, distance, calorie, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep and some other important things you would need for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Check your messages and calls from your smartphone

Imagine being stuck in a meeting, where checking your mobile phone is a rude gesture, or walking down in a busy street where you have your mobile phone in your bag. This watch allows you to receive calls or reply to SMS on the go, and some watches also have voice support. Which is a good thing, when you are driving and can’t pick up the phone?

  • Notifications

It allows you to read your notifications what you receive on the phone directly to your wrist, such as, Facebook notifications, Messenger, SMS, calls, making it more convenient when you don’t want to pick up your mobile phone.

  • Listen to music

It allows you to connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones so you can listen to music. You can also pause, adjust volumes, and press next all from your watch.

  • Changeable watch face

If you are getting bored with your ordinary watch showing the same watch face, a smartwatch is the best choice for you, where you can adjust or change the watch face, making it more attractive and fun to look at.

  • Navigation

One of the most convenient features for a smartwatch is the navigation. IF you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, simply use your navigation on your watch, and avoid the hassle of fussing around with your mobile phone

the disadvantages

Surely a smartwatch brings some fantastic features, it still has some obvious disadvantages. Read on and learn about its cons.

  • Battery life

One thing that is a common problem for all smart devices, especially smartwatches is battery life. Some smart devices such as FitBit trackers can last for several days. But for some more advanced ones, like for instance the Apple watch, maybe only lasts for a day or so. If you are not used to charging a watch, you need to establish this as a new habit for your new smartwatch. Or you will end up with a dead watch when you need it the most.

  • Smaller screen

When we say smart devices, we instantly think of Smartphones, tablets, SmartTV, and so on. We are used to seeing our messages, notifications, and other important information on a large screen. Getting used to a smaller screen to check your messages may just take time to get used to. It is still best to look at your mobile phone to check if this is an important message.

  • Not a necessity

With all the smart devices available on the market today, a smartwatch is not a necessity, nothing can a smartwatch do today that a smartphone can’t. It is not something that you go back and get if you forgot it at home, and smartwatches work in sync with smartphones and it can never replace a mobile phone.

  • Not ideal for any outfit

Imagine wearing a suit or formal attire, only to match it with a smartwatch. Ideally, a smartwatch is worn with fitness attire, daily wear, but never with a black tie and leather shoes, and a fine business suit.

important things to consider before buying a smartwatch

If you are truly interested in buying a smartwatch, here is a list of things you need to consider first.

  1. Make sure that your chosen smartwatch is compatible with your Smartphone, for instance, an Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhones.
  2. If you are a fitness enthusiast get a smartwatch with heart rate tracker, GPS, and other useful tracker apps to connect to your smartwatch
  3. Pay attention to rated battery life. Hybrid smartwatches that are more likely to look like an analog watch tend to have longer battery life.
  4. The selection of apps is a big factor for a smartwatch, but it is not as important as compatibility. Make sure the apps that come along with the smartwatch is compatible with your mobile phone.

OS and device compatibility

Most smartwatches are designed to serve as companions to your smartphone, device compatibility is very important. For example, Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S3 and Gear Sport work with multiple Android handsets as well as iPhones, but it is easier to use with Android devices. Below are lists of the top Smartwatches on the market, along with reviews.

Smartwatch #1

Samsung Galaxy watch active

Samsung Galaxy watch active

The Galaxy Watch Active is named the best smartwatch according to most people, why exactly? Well, because it is pretty good at everything, it connects with any OS device may it be Android or iOS. It is light and comfortable, with breathable straps, and easy to wear for long periods, and has fantastic fitness features.

Smartwatch #2

Skagen Falster 2

Smartwatch Skagen Falster 2

You’d think that a smartwatch can’t be worn with a suit, think again. Skagen Falster 2 has a dress watch design, leather straps, and simple watch face, which can display an analog watch, or other preferred display. This well-known Danish watch brand Skagen, displays elegant, sophisticated, and minimal watch, for the purpose of a dress watch that can be worn with any type of outfit.

An enormous benefit is its three-button layout which includes a rotating crown that helps to scroll through Wear OS without having to touch the screen,

“This is a piece of technology!” Well, the Falster 2 from well-known Danish watch brand Skagen is exactly that. You can get a beautiful stainless steel body, well-constructed straps in either leather, metal, or silicone in a variety of colors, and all the important features you’d expect, like water-resistant, GPS, heart rate monitor, NFC and more.

One of the Falster 2’s main benefits is its three-button layout, which includes a rotating crown that helps to scroll through Wear OS without having to touch the screen — an enormous benefit once you start using it. You also get a beautiful stainless steel body, well-constructed straps in either leather, metal, or silicone in a variety of colors, and all the important features you’d expect, like water resistance, GPS, a heart rate monitor, NFC, and more.

Smartwatch #3

FitBit Versa 2

FitBit Versa

Fitbit has gone to great lengths to convince the world it’s more than just a fitness tracker company. The Versa is a fantastic, colorful product that combines the nest of the company’s athletic DNA with solid watch features. The battery life of FitBit Versa is amazing, it can last up to a week.

The best part of FitBit is how seamlessly it interacts with your Android phone. You just wear it- to work, to bed, in the shower, and it uploads your results in the background, syncing with your phone, and potentially, your group of friends who are constantly keeping you challenged.

While Fitbit lacks GPS, it makes up for it by including on-screen workouts and collect plenty of useful data. Additionally, if you are also into sleep tracking, no one beats the FitBit Versa for insights and accuracy.

Smartwatch #4

Apple Watch Series 5

Smartwatch Apple Watch

Unfortunately, today with the selections of smartwatches, Apple Watch only comes in #4 on the list. However, Apple watch is never behind with all the features it offers its users. With only for those Apple users, Apple Watch is still on the list of top 5 smartwatches in 2019.

With Apple Watch, Apple opted for a combo approach, offering a touch display and both a digital crown and side button on the right side. You can use the crown to scroll, and the screen uses Force Touch, which knows the difference between a tap and long press.

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a larger screen with the choice of 40mm to 44mm watch sizes, this means a wider screen display. The most exciting feature is the fact that there is an ECG feature within the heart rate tracker. It can test your heart to see if you are at a high risk of atrial fibrillation, which allows the user to seek help earlier of your health is in danger.

Smartwatch #5

Google Pixel Watch

Smartwatch Google Pixel

It might come as a surprise but Google Pixel Watch released a smartwatch in 2018 called Pixel series. The company has provided its Wear OS operating system since 2014 to manufacturers like LG, Huawei, and Samsung, as well as traditional watchmakers such as TAG Heuer.

Now, Google wants to roll up its sleeves with Pixel Watch. There have been rumors floating around for months that Google is working not on one, but on three Pixel-branded smartwatches, slated for release well before the 2018 holiday season. Codenamed ‘Ling’, ‘Triton’ and ‘Sardine’ in typical Google fashion, these are either three different watches, a single model in three different sizes, or possibly three versions of the same (similarly to how Samsung and Apple have Bluetooth-only versions of their smartwatches).

We still don’t know which company Google is going to pick to actually build the Pixel watches. It’s a safe bet that they will be designed in-house, but the actual manufacturing will be outsourced to a Google partner. 

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