Top 5 iconic luxury watches for men

Luxury watches – you get what you paid for

Luxury men’s watches are expensive things, there’s no way around it. But every penny is worth it. Fine watchmaking really is a case of getting what you pay for. Not only is the way a mechanical watch is manufactured extraordinarily labor-intensive, demanding a level of craftsmanship seldom found beyond the valleys of the Swiss Jura Mountains, but just a little TLC will mean your wristwatch will tick forever, potentially accrue in value, even. But what sort of design, heritage or make-up speaks to you, and what does it say about you? Why do watch nerds get so animated when discussing quartz versus automatic, and should you care, too? And what on Earth is a tourbillon? Read on…

Watch movements makes a huge price difference in luxury watches

If you’re showing off your new watch, the first thing any watch snob will do, instead of admiring the dial, is to turn it over. To pass muster, a “proper” men’s watches will be powered by a mechanical movement, and they’ll know because it will usually be displayed through a clear case back. 

A mechanical movement is a beguiling thing to behold and listen to, ticking away at 28,800 vibrations per hour. Its hundred-odd tiny parts are all machined laboriously and precisely from steel or brass, polished to varying degrees of shimmer and shine, then hand-assembled by one of the world’s most skilled workforces in light-drenched mountain-top ateliers.

But such precise micro-engineering comes at a price. If you can’t afford luxury watches for men, or simply don’t care for mechanics, have no fear. There’s no shame in a battery-powered quartz movement, despite what those snobs tell you. Quartz will only lose a minute a year and will never need to be wound up (until the battery runs out).

Luxury watches #1 – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Black Dial Automatic

Men's watches rolex

There is absolutely no question that this is the single most recognizable and most noticeable wristwatch you will ever wear in your life. It seems everyone knows what a gold Rolex looks like. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Black Dial Automatic had always been the most elegant, refined and luxurious watch of the Oyster collection by Rolex, which also has elegant watches in its Cellini collection. Exclusively made in precious metals, gold or platinum, it was available for years in 36mm and more recently in 41mm the Day-Date II, but still with the same complication, a 3-hand timepiece showing the date and the day in a unique way.

Luxury watches #2 – Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 Automatic


In 2017, Swiss brand Breitling finally updated its best-selling Superocean Heritage collection with the Superocean Heritage II family, which arrived in a few case sizes, movement options and, of course, color and material choices. Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 Automatic 42 ref. AB2010161C1A1 timepiece is found with 42mm wide which better suited for most men, however, there is a 46mm wide version for those with larger wrists.

Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 Automatic 42 ref. AB2010161C1A1 timepiece is a classic diver’s watch that’s now celebrating its 70th anniversary with a slight design refresh and a brand-new movement developed with Tudor watches. The new Breitling caliber B20 is derived from Tudor Caliber MT5612 used in their Black Bay watches, among others. In fact, Tudor.s new Black Bay chronograph borrows from the Breitling B01 caliber as part of what I call their movement exchange program this year.

Luxury watches #3 – Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th&Nissan GT-R

Men's watches -  Seiko

Grand Seiko introducing updated models in their sports watch line up, the Japanese brand has announced a new limited edition Spring Drive chronograph GMT that pays attribute to another icon of the Land of the Rising Sun: the Nissan GT-R. This big, blue chronograph is very much a statement piece with a case made from ceramic and titanium, a flagship Grand Seiko movement, and a colorway inspired by Nissan’s classic sports car, which this year celebrates its 50th birthday.

Luxury watches #4 – Tag Heuer Carrera Mechanical

Men's watches - TAG Heuer

The Tag Heuer Carerra is one of the most iconic sports chronographs. Released in 1963 with the infamous Valjoux 72 manual wind, column wheel movement, it is a watch that is highly sought after by c=vintage watch collectors.

Luxury watches #5 – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph Automatic


It is no surprise that Omega Seamaster will always make it to the list of the best diving watches. This is definitely the first on our list because of its classic Swiss-made dive watch worn by famous people like Michael Phelps and James Bond.

The Omega Seamaster is a combination of great style, quality, and functionality for those looking for a luxury dive watch, this piece is perfect without being over the top. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean has a scratch resistance sapphire crystal and silicon balance spring that improves resistance to shock and magnetism. The watch comes in 3 sizes, 43.5mm, 45.5mm, and a 37.5mm, the smallest is the best choice for women.

Always consider your style when choosing luxury watches

Luxury watches with the precise hour displayed everywhere in our always-on digital age, wearing a watch is about so much more than telling the time. It is an emotional investment that can speak volumes about you. As well as being a lifestyle choice, it needs to be fit for purpose when it comes to your actual lifestyle. Its ability to tell you whether you’re running early or late is still much valued, of course.