Buying guide and review on the top luxury watches for men and women

Purchasing luxury watches can be a confusing experience today. It’s not only because there are many watches to choose from but there are some types of watches that cost too much like the price of a hypercar. So, which to buy? Vintage or modern one? It may depend on your taste of fashion in choosing a timepiece. Try to open any catalog then visit any shopping website or go to the jewelry shop that offers luxury watches, you will be offered small or big ones, dull black or shiny steel ones and more.

Owning more than one luxury watch would be like wanting to own a dozen motor cars with a matching dog for each one. It is a very personal possession that does more than telling time because it’s a display of wealth, status, aspiration so also family. It was not unusual for a watch to be handed down from father to son and gold watch as well that can be awarded for retirement as a show of respect and camaraderie.

The reasons are watches aren’t just technology and jewelry but they’re worn for their looks and also have a practical function, perhaps more than one. Watches convey your position in the world, status in life. Also, watches act as a personal statement. A few watch wearers often wear the same watch for decades then treat them as personal heirlooms.

Which watch to buy?

When buying luxury watches, you must be asking yourself “Which watch to buy?”. There are billions of luxury watches that are made every year. It means every year there will be a new model of luxury watch that has great features which encourage you to buy even if you just bought a new watch last year. However, if you are a watch collector it will be easy for you to spend money. For those who just want to buy luxury watches because they need it or want it then possibly it will take time for them to decide which watch to buy.

Even the technological categories that can blend into one another like for instance, there are digital movements and mechanical movements so also hybrid digital mechanical movements and more. It’s much better to ask yourself what you want like if you just like luxury watches that simply tell time or maybe fashion accessory, status symbol, great features, price and etc. The best way to look for a watch is to look at yourself since you will be wearing it.

Field watch

It’s better to start having a field watch because it’s the descendant of the first practical wristwatches. In the 20th century, the watches were occasionally installed in a bracelet as women’s jewelry but not accurate and prone to break since the mechanism is not durable, it’s for them to show it. There are few innovation wristwatches for hunters or aviators but these are not very famous. Soldiers and officers had been carrying pocket watches in 1914 as a habit ever since mass production took off during the American Civil War. However, the trench warfare and artillery barrages on the Western Front made using pocket watches difficult.

Characteristics of Field watches

  • Analog displays and have a few functions from basic timekeeping
  • Small to medium size
  • Durable and has simple designs with a dial
  • Inexpensive cloth or nylon straps like the modern NATO straps
  • Water-resistant and has military DNA with features such as luminous dials and hacking seconds

Examples of Field watches

  • Timex Expedition
  • Bertucci Unisex DX3
  • Seiko SNZG09K1
  • Hamilton H70575733

Our choice of Field watch is Timex ExpeditionRead the full review below

Luxury watches for men and women Timex Expedition

Timex is a major brand in the affordable market. The Expedition collection from Timex is more rugged in appearance and design. This one comes in at 43mm, which is on its way to the “big watch” category. Price-wise, you can find the Expedition Field for sale at $80, though you will find it a bit less on Amazon.

Dive watch

A dive watch is also called a diving or diver’s watch. It’s the major watch category and the most recognizable “tool” or sports watch. Also, a watch that is designed for a specific occupation or activity. It can be worn in a deep-sea and scuba divers in an increasingly great depths but still function.

Rolex Oyster was the first dive watch, introduced in 1926. It has a case with a screw-on back and a screw-on crown that sealed the movement off from dust and water even if the watch will be submerged. It became famous in 1927 when Mercedes Glietze became the first woman to swim the English Channel. There was an allegation that she would fake the swim so she repeated the feat while wearing a Rolex Oyster as a pendant.

Dive watches are more than a way of telling time, it’s also a piece of safety gear. The deep-sea and scuba dives depend on the diver that’s carefully keeping track of how much time is spent underwater. It is notable for having a heavy case that is made of stainless steel or some other tough material. Its display is very simple with hands that are designed so that the hours, minutes and seconds will not be confused for one another so also the marks or numerals are large, distinct and easy to read with some luminous chapters. The bezel and other components are easy to operate by a diver who’s wearing thick neoprene gloves or with waterlogged, half-numbed fingers.

Examples of Dive watches 

  • Rolex Submariner
  • Omega Seamaster
  • Citizen Promaster Diver
  • Invicta Pro Diver

Our top choice of dive watch – Rolex Submariner

Luxury watches for men and women - Rolex Submariner

Rolex is a luxury watchmaking brand founded in London and now based in Switzerland. Rolex is responsible for creating the first waterproof watch in 1926. It is a brank unlikely any other when it comes to making watches. They are known as the iconic symbol of wealth in the luxury community. The signature Rolex crown logo says it all. Rolex is the king of all watches.

Aviator watch

The Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont complained to his friend who is master watchmaker Louis Cartier that he cannot operate the controls of his plane and check his pocket watch at the same time in 1906. Then Cartier came up with a watch with a leather strap which he called the Santos-Dumont wristwatch that was first sold to the general public in 1911. However, the aviator watch took off in the run-up to the Second World War as aircraft became more sophisticated and capable of flying long distances and high altitudes. Not like the modern aircraft that has pressurized cockpits and other amenities.

Aviator watches were remarkable because of the straps that were more like a small belt. It’s because the watches must be worn over heavy flight jackets which they are instantly visible. It has a dial that was designed for maximum legibility but his time it has large numerals on a simple, illuminated display. One of the unusual features of the aviator watch is it has inner hour dial and an outer minute dial. Aviator watches today have other complications such as chronograph, GPS systems, a slide rule bezel for calculating fuel consumption or even a satellite radio distress beacon.

Examples of Aviator watch

  • Seiko SSC007 Solar Aviation Chronograph
  • IWC Pilot IW324702
  • Citizen Skyhawk
  • Breitling Navitimer

Our top choice of Aviator/ Pilot watches – IWC Big Pilot

Luxury watches for men and women - IWC Big Pilot

The design on IWC Big Pilot is directly inherited from the aviator’s watch of the Second World War. The movement is the Caliber 51111, the highest quality of the IWC caliber without complications. Exclusive in its manufacturer, the IWC Big Pilot is also unique when wearing it, it’s large dial opening and its enough long lugs make it seems larger than it already is.

Dress watches

Dress watches value the looks over practicality and it’s often worn as an open statement of wealth and status which are hidden beneath a façade of simplicity. It’s thin, sleek, light and generally designed to make an understatement rather than a splash. Dress watches are good match for evening wear and it’s designed for more formal occasions. The size of a dress watch is proportional to the wrist and some have small, hard-to-read hands and not marks for the quarter hours.

Examples of Dress watches

  • Cartier Tank
  • Bulova 96A133
  • Movado DM-0606895
  • Seiko SARB065

Out top choice of Dress watch is the Seiko SARB06 Cocktail time

luxury watches for men and women - Seiko SARB06 Cocktail time

The Seiko SARB06 Cocktail time is a bit of a cult classic amongst Seiko enthusiasts. First launched in 2010, the Seiko SARB06 Cocktail time was created in partnership with Shinobu Ishigaki, who is one of the world’s most highly regarded mixologists, and the proprietor of a bar in Shibuya district, Tokyo, known as Ishinohana Bar and Shinobu Ishigaki have been featured on Anthony’ Bourdain’s series, “No Reservations” and his carefully made and elaborately garnished cocktails were the inspiration behind the original Cocktail Time Watches, with their colorful sunburst dial.

Distinctive and familiar

It means that it’s all about which luxury watches speak to you. For those who love sports and adventure, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Date is waterproof, durable and has numerous innovative patents and complications. Patek Philippe’s Grand Complications are for individuals who love vintage watches. Cartier’s Drive de Cartier is for fashion icons. TAG Heuer’s watches are for modern executives who are on the go.

Rare gems

The actor Charlie Chaplin was gifted a Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, its innovations and classic Hollywood grace live on in today’s Master Grande Memovox. Officine Panerai’s patented radium-based powder, Radiomir that is allowed divers to tell the time in the dark sea. French house Bell & Ross has based its motifs around aircraft instruments and created some stunning pieces that recall the adventures of Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh like the WW2 Regulateur Officer.

Seek a reflection of your personal preference

Even if the luxury watches for men and women are for your loved ones or for you, it’s important to put in mind that buying a watch expresses our individuality in which others cannot. Not only to express our sense of style but to where we are in our lives, it can be graduation, retirement, anniversary or promotion. Just like for example you give a present like luxury watches to your mother with a brilliant and luxe bracelet watch in honor of retirement, ensure that it will be compatible with her new life especially if she has planned on traveling or be in outdoor more.