Men’s dress watches – best affordable men’s dress watches

Men’s Dress Watches – is the most elegant of watches

Finding the right dress watch is like finding the right suit for a special occasion. Men make sure that it fits well, reflect their personal style and uplift your look in a formal setting. Even if you don’t wear a suit very often, having a dress watch is a must because it attracts the people around you. Just like buying a suit, you need to do research before you decide to avoid regrets.

men's dress watches

Men’s Dress Watches are recognized by its slim profile and clean aesthetic that’s free of complications like dive watch or pilot watch. Most men’s dress watches have a leather strap that’s made from calfskin, crocodile or some exotic hides. But there are exceptions for a finer steel bracelet that’s typically not a sportier vibe.

Men’s Dress Watches should be 40 millimeters in diameter or smaller then look for a clean dial that’s darker because it’s more formal. It must be simple and elegant yet eye-catching. Look for a leather strap, it will elevate your look either emboss or not. The safe choice will be black and brown but try the green or blue strap if you like.

What to consider before buying men’s dress watches?

You must think about how often you will be wearing a dress watch then it will depend on your budget. For sure you’ll not purchase men’s dress watches that you will only wear with a suit. Better buy a casual strap or bracelet in which you can wear every day anywhere. Try vintage watches because it’s easy to wear with formal attire.

How to wear men’s dress watches?

Fitting men’s dress watches will be crucial due to you will often wear it with long sleeves, better wear a slimmer one. If you can customize your shirt, tell the tailor which wrist you will wear your watch on so that they can put more space in the cuff. If you’re right-handed, your watch’s crown and part of the case must peek out barely when standing still. When you bend, your elbow must be in 90 degrees or more. Your shirt and jacket must reveal your watch. However, if it’s not the case then better go to your tailor then wear your watch and suit so that they adjust it appropriately. No worry if you break any style rules because the important thing is you love the watch you purchase.

Men’s Dress Watches – MVMT Atlas

These men’s dress watches are simple, elegant and affordable that surely fits your budget. You find the three great virtues in this dress watch, all in one. It has a sleek, minimalist dial and very thin bezel which gives a simple feel that sure looks good to any outfit.

Men’s Dress Watches – Larsson & Jennings LJXII Norse Leather

This is a square-cased men’s dress watches that have a classic look which is a timeless pick. The gold Roman numeral hour marker gives a sophisticated vibe while the black case so also the bracelet gives a formal feel.

Men’s Dress Watches – Withings Steel HR

These men’s dress watches are functional. It doubles as a full fitness tracker that can monitor seven metrics which includes the heart rate in the subdial. Also, it comes in a dozen different straps for you to choose from.

Men’s Dress Watches – Tissot Heritage Visodate

This is a vintage-inspired watch that has an old-school vibe. Also, has modern details like a cool stainless-steel mesh bracelet or strap.

Men’s Dress Watches – Timex American Documents 41mm Leather Strap Watch

These men’s dress watches from Timex are classic because they come and features all-American parts and assembly.

Men’s Dress Watches – Martenero Kerrison

This is the most affordable automatic movement that you can find anywhere. You can wear these men’s dress watches at your work, weekend or anywhere you want. Also, you don’t need to change the battery of this watch.

Men’s Dress Watches – Movado Ultra Slim

Black suits and watches will stand out in the crowd. With this tonal watch, it will show your style chops while continue maintaining an elegant vibe that will set your style different from the pack.

Men’s Dress Watches – Shinola The Bedrock Chrono 42mm

This model is included in the list that has an elegant chronograph. It features a flexible leather strap and the subdials can track elapse time, they are all made in Detroit.

Men’s Dress Watches – Hamilton Spirit of Liberty Auto

These men’s dress watches celebrate Hamilton’s American heritage and it was founded in Pennsylvania in 1892. The leather strap has engraved that reads “without liberty, life is a misery.”

Men’s Dress Watches – Rado Diameter Thinline

These men’s dress watches use a ceramic and metal alloy for its case that will never fade. Also, the sapphire crystal won’t either scratch or scuff.

Men’s Dress Watches – watches that fit any style

Gentlemen don’t have accessories compared to ladies. Watch is only their accessory because it’s useful and helpful to them. Perhaps few have men’s dress watches but have several casual watches in which they can wear it every day.