Dress watch review – Top 3 dress watch on the market

What are the types of dress watches for men?

The market has through the years released several types of men’s dress watches. When you talk about men’s dress watches what many names easily are either divers, pilot, and chronographs. It is a  fact that there are so many who do not know about the dress watches. 

Which dress watches are perfect for suits?

Unlike other types like the chronograph, pilot or a dive watch, the restrictions and contexts of what makes a good watch are not as clearly and easily established. It is a fact also, that you can pretty much wear any kind of men’s watch that you like with a suit or a tuxedo. That is actually the fault of James Bond, an iconic male character since the 1960s, who practically made anything look great with a suit. But, basically, when you talk about watches, what you really look for in a timepiece that you can wear with an evening suit or tux. It, therefore, needs to be simple, yet elegant.

Here are our top 3 dress watches for men to choose from

A dress watch needs to be simplistic, elegant and sophisticated and above all minimalistic. A dress watch should not be the center of attention but simply a period to your outfit. A dress watch is not intended to be worn with jeans and a shirt or to the gym, a dress watch is paired with a nice and elegant business suit, dinner jacket, and in some cases a tuxedo.

For those who are looking for a fine and elegant dress watch without the price tag of a Patek Philippe or Rolex, we have gathered here our top 3 picks of affordable yet classy dress watches for men.

Also, we have a full review of each of these fine dress watches of our choice. This is to give you an idea of which dress watch to chose and how you can use it to your benefit.

Here are some wristwatches for men that will work well as a dress watch:

Dress watch #1

  1. Hamilton Intra-Matic
Dress watches Hamilton Intra-Matic

Hamilton Intra-Matic is on the top of the list of our favorite dress watches, the reason is obvious as this dress watch is popular among gentlemen who love minimalistic dress watch designs. In addition, with its thin bezel and case diameter between 38 mm and 42 mm choices, it makes it easy to pair with a great business suit for business meetings or formal attire.

The Dial

Hamilton Intra-Matic comes with 38mm and 42mm dial version, however, we were more attracted to the 38mm, the color is a bit darker than the usual solid gold, which we think add up to the classic look and design. It is a good thing that there are 2 options to choose from if you have a sleek wrist go for the 38mm, and if you have a larger wrist it is best with 42mm.

What makes the Hamilton Intra-Matic move?

Inside the Hamilton Intra-Matic 38mm and 42mm models, you will find the same mechanical self-winding movement. The watches have an ETA 2892-A2 caliber movement. The stainless steel model with the grey smoked dial also has the caliber number engraved on the case back, but the PVD gold model does not. The ETA 2893-A2 movement is a solid track record, it goes all the way back to 1983. In 1999, it received an update and was dubbed ETA 2892-A2. It is considered to be the upper-range automatic ETA movement and is regarded as higher the often used ETA 2824-2 for instance.

The exact movement has also been used by brands before they went in-house such as Breitling, Omega, and IWC for example. These brands used it as ebauche and often made some technical and aesthetical changes of course, but it does show the higher positioned brands rely on this movement as well.

Using this movement means that the Hamilton Intra-Matic 38mm and 42mm watches have a power reserve of 42 hours. It also has a stop-seconds feature, which is appreciated by those who like to keep time accurately, and it has the quickset date.

How Hamilton Intra-Matic does feel on the wrist?

The watch is not as legible as a sports watch, but the Hamilton Intra-Matic is best suited with formal attire. Operating the watch is pretty simple, pull out the crown to correct the date and pull once more to correct the time. Winding and setting the watch by the crown is very easy, you don’t need an instruction manual for it. At least don’t forget to take off your watch before winding it, to avoid damage in the mechanics as there can be too much tension on the winding stem if you are winding it on your wrist.

How about the watch strap on Hamilton Intra-Matic?

Hamilton Intra-Matic comes with a black leather strap, which some may think might be a bit boring, but it doesn’t distract much either. You could go with a dark grey or anthracite strap for a more fashionable look. The yellow gold PVD version has the brown strap and was a bit too light-toned, at least for me. However, you should keep in mind that leather straps will get darker after some wearing. For those who prefer metal bracelets, there is also a stainless steel bracelet version of the gray smoked dial watch. The leather is soft and supple and thus super comfortable.

Overall review of Hamilton Intra-Matic

The Hamilton Intra-Matic watches are the reference H38455781 and H38735501. H38455781 is the 38mm steel, grey smoked dial and the H38735501 is the 42mm, PVD gold, browned smoked dial.

Dress watch #2

2. Sinn 1736 St I 4N

Dress watches Sinn 1736

Sinn 1736 is possibly one of our favorite dress watches, it has been manufactured in Germany with a stunning mix of stylish design tropes, an exquisite self-winding mechanism, and luxurious black calf leather strap. Sinn has enhanced this 1736 St | 4N watch with its Sinn D3 system. This unique technology allows the push-piece pins and crown shafts to be mounted directly into the case creating the perfect seal, ensuring protection against lateral knocks, dust, and moisture.

The design

The design on this men’s watch makes it a perfect choice to pair with a tux or a suit. Who said that Junghans, Braun, and Nomos are the only ones who master the German minimalist style?. That is what this timepiece is out to prove. 

The Case

Sinn 1736 | 4N has a 36mm case diameter and feels nice on the wrist. it is quite light around 43 grams, so you will barely notice it while wearing it with a tuxedo or business suit. The design is suitable for people who love timeless and elegance for any situation and with any outfit. Although the Sinn 1736 St | 4N is smaller than most dress watches, we are hoping Sinn will release bigger versions for fans who love bigger sizes.

The Strap

Sinn 1736 | 4N comes with leather straps in different colors and versions. It is nice to see that Sinn introduces new models in different areas, and Sinn 1736 St | 4N will find its own fans despite such complex name.

Dress watch #3

3. Longines Heritage 1945

dress watches Longines Heritage 1945

Consistent with its long tradition of excellence, Longines continues to showcase design skills through its classy Heritage series. Moreover, this piece is a follow-through of a dress watch from the ’40s which was popularly known as the Calatrava. The 1945 boasts of improvements of the Calatrava, through the incredible finishing touches it has like blued hands and a convex.

If you are looking for a timeless and elegant dress watch the Longines is a beautiful clean design with a 40mm stainless round case and sapphire crystal.

The real star here is the dial, for such a minimal layout, Longines has packed it full of awesome detail. First of all, there is the vintage velvet effect of the brushed copper-tone

For such a minimal layout, Longines has packed it full of sexy detail. First of all, there’s the vintage velvet effect of the brushed copper-tone convex dial, then there’s the alternating steel-tone applied hours markers and printed mid-century Arabic numerals, all of which contrasts with the long, elegant leaf hands in blued steel. The small seconds subdial has a concentric circular finish, just to keep things interesting.

The back case has a curved “Automatic” text which adds up to the design, although the original 1945 Longines was powered manually, this remake Longines has made a concession to modernity with the inclusion of automatic L609.3.

One of the best parts of Longines Heritage 1945 is the compelling proposition, and with all of them together make it a real winner. For us the best part is there is no date window.

Dress watch – consider these things before you purchase your dress watch

First, think about how often you’ll wear a watch, and let that dictate your budget. However, you don’t want to drop a grand or more for a watch that you’ll only wear a suit. Consider buying a more casual bracelet or strap as well so you can swap it out for a more laid-back vibe.

And although there are tons of modern watches to choose from, don’t forget vintage options. They tend to be compact and easy to wear with more formal attire. Sites like Chrono24 and Tourneau are good places to start. Below is the list of dress watches for men on Amazon to consider.