Dress Watches for Men – 6 Best Dress Watches for any occasion

Dress Watches for Men – refers to mechanical strap watches either manual or automatic wound

Men wear watches for several reasons. One of the reasons is that it’s needed in their work or business. Few gentlemen would say it’s for the fashion trend because we know that they’re practical in all things compared to women. If they are attending a special occasion, they prefer to dress watches for men paired with the suit. These men’s dress watches are designed for formal wear not for casual. However, the important thing to consider is that you’re comfortable to wear it.

Moreover, when choosing a dress watch it must be classic and has a timeless look. Invest a watch that would last long in your wrist. Ensure that the dress watches for men will work in all styles, from weddings to interviews so also black-tie events. Take note that first impression last and the details would matter as well. Here are some tips for choosing a men’s dress watch for this year.

  1. You should buy a dress watch from a brand that is well known for producing quality watches around the globe.
  2. You should choose a fairly simple style not on a fashion trend because it’s ideal to have a timepiece that’s simple and sophisticated.
  3. You should pick a dress watch that has a classic style for it will last longer but make sure that t easily fit under the cuff of a long sleeve dress shirt.
  4. You must ensure that colour of your dress watch coordinates to your formal wear.

Here are a few reminders for you:

  • Brown strap – wear brown shoes and belt
  • Black strap – wear black shoes and belt
  • Dress watch with gold stones – wear a gold belt buckle
dress watches for men

Would you like to know which dress watches for men are an excellent watch to wear on any occasion? Those ones that can stay classic and elegant, but also minimal and good enough for any setting? It’s quite hard to find the best ones, but yes, they do exist. We’ve chosen a few dress watches that can be worn anywhere below.

Dress Watches for Men – 1. Rolex Cellini Date

To start off, this pick from Rolex is declared to be a classic. It is a remarkably elegant timepiece that everyone would be proud to wear it. Its double bezel and polished lugs could easily attract attention. It comes with a fine, circular 39 mm frame around its guilloche dial, which contains hour markers and minute counters located close to its circumference. There is even a date indicator with odd numbers at the 3 o’clock position. The Rolex Cellini Date is best worn in the Everose gold of 18ct pink gold alloy.

Dress Watches for Men – 2. Omega Constellation Globemaster

This dress watches for men is proof that even if it seems difficult to improve anything when the watch does not need any fixing, it’s possible to make already exceptional watches for men even better. The Omega Constellation Globemaster is the world’s first Master Chronometer. For that reason, you should feel the urge to put these men’s dress watches on your list. Moreover, it has more features that will make you desire it even more. It comes in a 41 mm stainless steel case that is protected by a hard, tungsten carbide bezel. Inside, there is a dial which closely resembles the Omega Constellation’s vintage “Pie Pan” design. It also features the 12 months of the year on its outer ring and holds the date window at its 6 o’clock position.

Dress Watches for Men – 3.  IWC Portugieser Chronograph

Dress watches for men don’t always have to rely on the “stylish” standard. It can also provide functional features that further complements the great masterpiece.  It’s different from traditional men’s dress watches since it looks rather rugged, though it still maintains a refined character. The 40.9 mm stainless steel case holds a silver-plated dial with striking blue steel hands, with a chronograph that features the 6 and 12 o’clock positions.

Dress Watches for Men – 4. Cartier Tank Blue Dial

Since 1916, this sensation has kept its popularity for over a century, and that makes the Cartier Tank Blue Dial worth considering. It is imbued with attractive geometric characteristics and technically superior features. The smooth and continuous transition from its steel case to its dark blue leather strap subtly adds to its style. And exceptionally, the iconic dial makes wearing a Cartier watch a pleasure.

Dress Watches for Men – 5. Grand Seiko 9F Quartz

Minimal in white, the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz has the first quartz movement to change its date display in a flash. Dubbed the Instant Date Change Mechanism, the 9F Quartz pioneers this unique feature to its movement category. In addition, its aesthetic elements won’t make you wonder why it made it to the list. It’s exquisitely simple, yet pleasantly catches your attention.

Dress Watches for Men – perfect match for formal wear

It’s convenient to find a watch that’s good for any occasion, that way you might even save and refrain from buying many for every single occasion. These selections won’t make you regret and will prove their worth. Try taking them to your next occasion!