Wristwatches for Men – Reasons men should start wearing a wristwatch

Wristwatches for Men -Best accessories for men

Purchasing a lovely timepiece possibly be a confusing experience for there are many types of wristwatches for men to choose from in the market today. It has different brands, styles, and prices that you need to put into consideration.

Searching for men’s wristwatches to invest and wear it for years is quite difficult to decide. Wearing a lovely timepiece is essential nowadays because it shows your lifestyle and your clients will be impressed with your styling sense.

Numerous men would think why do they need a watch for they are using smartphone 24/7. A wristwatch is more than a useful accessory because it can flaunt the style statement of men of all ages.

Moreover, here are some reasons why every man should start wearing a wristwatch.

  • Wristwatches for Men are Convenient

A wristwatch is the most useful thing for us because it tells you the right time. It reminds you of your schedules on that day for you to be on time with the meetings and even on a date. It’s unprofessional to always look on your phone to check the time.

  • Wristwatches for Men provide Simplicity

The best watch must not depend on the latest technology. If your mobile phone is out of battery, the wristwatch can save you from being late in your appointment.

  • Wristwatches for Men Signal Style

The stylish wristwatches for men are limited. It’s considered as a form of self-expression which means it may depend on your sense of style that you’ll be displayed on a personal or formal occasion.

  • Wristwatches for Men can Embody Craftsmanship

Craftsmen made or designed luxury watches for several months. It’s a piece of detailed art that defines creativity and integrity.

In addition, here are the top 6 wristwatches for men that most gentlemen are looking for this year.

Wristwatches for Men – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

wristwatches for men

It has a 40mm timepiece that comes in Everose gold, boasted with rainbow-colored. You’ll see a baguette-cut sapphire that is decorating the bezel. So also, driven by the Perpetual caliber 4300 that comes with 72 hours of power reserve.

Wristwatches for Men – Blancpain Tourbillon Volant Heure Sautante Minute Retrograde

This men’s wristwatches have a 42mm timepiece that comes with a flying tourbillon at 12 o’clock. However, the real star is the jumping hour and the retrograde minute complications at 6 o’clock. The retrograde movement is smooth compared to jazz. The hands that swing the counter-clockwise back to zero moves so fast. There are two versions of this watch that are offered in the market: red gold and platinum. It’s powered by the caliber 260MR with 144 hours of power reserve.

Wristwatches for Men – Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic

Bulgari introduced to the public that thin is in with the new Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic that broke the world record as the thinnest automatic watch with a tourbillon. It’s 3.95mm thick so also the brand’s fourth record-breaking timepiece in the globe.

Wristwatches for Men – Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph Ref. 5968A

This wristwatch is the original sports watch. It is stainless and durable that has an orange interchangeable rubber strap. At first, you’ll see the bright hue seems to depart from the Patek’s understated DNA but then a few minutes you’ll appreciate the design. The black dial with orange indices reverberates with the orange strap. The second black, interchangeable rubber strap comes with the watch. Also, the chronograph is powered by the CH 28-250 C automatic movement.

Wristwatches for Men – Tudor Black Bay GMT

Numerous people were baffled by the concurrent launch of the Tudor/Rolex Pepsi GMTs this year because it’s similar in looks. Many people are wondering if Tudor’s launch of the Black Bay GMT will steal some of the thunder from its counterpart. However, you’ll find the difference once you see the Black Bay live. Black Bay GMT features more subdued, matte shades of red and blue in which red is almost a bright burgundy. There’s a vintage look in its bold hour markers and hands. Also, the heftier stainless-steel bracelet gives the travel watch.

Wristwatches for Men – IWC Pallweber Edition ‘150 Years’

It has a single hand across the dial that runs around the little seconds’ dial at the six o’clock position. In addition, the hours and minutes are shown with the jumping disks through the two holes at the center of the dial. They are all put into motion by the in-house manual movement. The dial layout is described as simple and clean in which allowing the size of the watch a strong statement. Two versions were presented in the market such as blue or white dial and inspired vintage watch.

Wristwatches for Men – Tells the exact time

As you can see, men wear wristwatches nowadays for several reasons. One reason, it can tell them the exact time. So also, men’s wristwatches provide a long period of service in which a great help to their job and saves them from being late in their meetings. Of course, gentlemen should adapt to the modern lifestyle just like wearing a timepiece every day to be able to live successfully. We need to watch in our daily lives.