Women’s watches buying guide – Matching Watches with your Outfit

Women’s watches – watch wearer’s guidelines in matching their watches to their get-up.

Every woman wants to be stylish, some need to be reminded that style is more than wearing fashion brand clothes. There can be no doubt that one of the most important accessories in the female arsenal is a watch, as it speaks much about the status of its owner and her sense of taste. There are some watches for women buying guide, that can help you in deciding which watch you will choose.

Women’s watches become important not only because the choice influences the status and beauty of the accessory, but also the stylishness and the unique image of the woman.

Women’s watches – Below are the present 3 main rules of the leading stylists on matching a watch with your outfit.

Women's watches - Below are the present 3 main rules of the leading stylists on matching a watch with your outfit.

Women watches buying Guide #1: Pay attention to the colors

Designers keep repeating that in any image, the main thing is a combination of colors. And it is often advised not to wear more than three shades of colors in clothes and accessories. When choosing an outfit set for a particular event. You should always pay attention and count in your mind how many color combinations you are wearing. The dominant colors are taken as the basis of the wardrobe, and the complementary shades give the desired character to the things and the individuality to the possessor. While when wearing out of rich colors, you should note that it’s color palette needs to echo the gamut of decoration of other ornaments. Also, it is advisable that with gold women’s watches, accessories made of yellow metal should be worn to ceramic models.

Women’s watches buying guide #2: Pay attention to the style of your outfit

The second important watch guide you need to pay attention to the style of your outfit and that of the watch. Generally, some types of women’s watches are usually differentiated, such as aviator watches, dress watches, field watches, sports watches. So, you should not wear casual watches when you have made up your mind to have a formal look. Official receptions, business meetings and working days assume the wearing of elegant and luxury watches for women can guarantee a stylish business image.

Women’s watches buying guide #3: Leather and metal matching

When combining different accessories you should do your best to match the materials of the bracelet of the watch with your other accessories so that the main accents match. The basic matching in the case of leather can be done by complementing your watch to your belt and shoes. In this case pay attention to the colors as well, for example, if you are wearing brown shoes it is not recommended to wear black leather women’s watches, while brown leather will look just right.

In order to reach the best-desired result, you should wear a watch that fits your physical size as well. If you are petite, you do not need to choose huge women’s watches but rather should pick a smaller one. Be aware that your watch fits neither too snug nor too loose.

Women’s watches buying guide #4: Watch size matter

You don’t want to overshadow the size of your hand of the forearm, typical watch case sizes range between 34mm and 52mm for men. The best watch size for you will be relative to your wrist size and should not be a decision of trend or style. For most men, we see 38mm to 42mm is a great spot, particularly for dress watches with suits. As for where to wear a watch on your wrist, it should sit at the tip of your wrist bone. A good indicator that you have chosen a watch face that is too big is if the case sits on the top of the wrist bone, making it uncomfortable to wear.

Women’s watches buying guide – sophistication vs. fashion

Women’s watches are particular in terms of fashion. Whenever ladies go out to meet their friends, they make sure that they’re wearing the best outfit from their closet with complete accessories like jewelry and watches. It’s natural for them to look for a watch guide in order to wear the finest watch that matches their outfit.