Women’s watches buying guide and review

Women’s watches – A guide to women’s watch collection

Women’s watches especially luxury wristwatch is one of the most important fashion accessories for women. An iconic brand, luxury materials, and an impressive history mean that high-end timepiece is much more than a fashion statement, it is a style investment.

Women’s watches – Brief history of women’s watches

The wristwatch has undoubtedly become a statement item for the modern man, however, believe or not it was women who first made the statement. Dating all the way back to the16th century, wristwatches were seen as a feminine pursuit. While men proudly sported pocket watches for women, primarily in a form of jewellery. In the 19th century, many manufacturers such as Vacheron Constantin and IWC were producing lavishly decorated bracelets for women, adorned with jewels set in elaborated case designs.

Women’s watches – Iconic watches for women

Some iconic Women’s watches that merge form and function are the Cartier Crash, the Patek Philippe twenty-4, and the Rolex Datejust, but technically speaking even those models go only as far as time –only, or feature a simple date wheel. Introduced in the mid-to-late 2oth century, they are still in high demand as attractive and useful timepieces, not to mention for the importance of horology and the histories of the brands.

Women’s watches – 5 watch styles to choose from

Women's watches - 5 watch styles to choose from

When you wear a wristwatch it is important to choose the right kind, they are available in variety and you will find different styles to suit your every need. Here is a list of some different styles of watches for women you definitely must-have.

Women’s watches style #1 Casual watches

  • Casual watch

Casual watches are perfect for daily wear. They are available in different shapes, different styles, and in a plethora of colours as well. With these, you will find inexpensive options in several materials.

Women’s watches style #2 Sports watches

  • Sport watches

Sports watches often have large dials and several other features besides timekeeping. These watches are a must-have as its large face makes it easier to read the time even during exercise or other sports activities. The cost of these watches varies depending on the number of extra features.

Women’s watches style #3 Fashion watches

  • Fashion watches

They are usually a step above usual casual watches in appearance, but they reach the qualities of a luxury watch. They have style and usually act as an accessory to your outfit. They are moderate in price but you can also find expensive fashion watches.

Women’s watches style #4 Vintage watches

  • Vintage watches

These watches for women have a unique refined quality that most modern watches don’t have. They are smaller than modern women’s watches and likely have crystals over the face. Prices of these watches depend on age, quality, and style.

Women’s watches style #5 Luxury watches

  • Luxury watches

Gold and platinum are the common types and you will find some embedded in diamonds as well. Designer names typically raise watches into the luxury category along with expensive materials and other features.

Women’s watches – The importance of building women’s watch collection

  • Set your budget

This is the very thing that you should consider when starting a wristwatch collection is your budget. Obviously, you will be investing money for watches for women that you want to add to your collection. You should consider the brands that you would add to your collection as well, as this may affect the price of the watch. Such as Cartier Ballon Bleu or watches with more diamonds or gemstones such as TAG Heuer, Movado, Montara Watches,  or Baume & Mercier.

  • Diversify your watch style

Every basic watch collection should consist of four to six essential timepieces. Like mentioned above there are different watch styles, and you categorize your watches according to their use.

  • Invest in rare and unique women’s watches

Many experts advise wristwatch collectors to look to certain genres or styles of watches that tend to keep their value over time. These include “panda” and reverse panda” chronograph dials, military-inspired watches, certain dive watches, or sports watches. Alternatively, certain collectors prefer to focus on certain brands that seem more likely to appreciate value.

  • Expand your knowledge and watch collection with watch complications

Generally, when starting a wristwatch collection women tend to play it safe and buy simple three-hand watches and date watches. But to really branch out and build a robust collection, add some complications that suit your lifestyle. If you love to jog, invest in a chronograph with rubber-clad strap, to time those laps. If you a busy world traveller, look to the dual time zone watches, world timers and GTMs that are functional and easy to use.

Women’s watches – quality is everything

One way to ensure quality is to choose well-known luxury watches, there are probably a few brands that you already have heard of. If you are considering to buy luxury watches choose to buy from a reputable seller. You should also take time to look at the materials a watch is made of.