Top 3 luxury watches for women buying guide and review

what to look for in luxury watches for women

If you have a little extra money, you may want to consider investing in a luxury watch and exclusive watches for women. Like an expensive designer bag, an exclusive women’s watches can help you put the finishing touches on your outfit and make your outfit a little more fashionable and composed.

In reality, it is probably the fewest people who can afford to throw so much money at one watch. Therefore, you should not deprive yourself of reading this article which is a simple guide to women’s watches for mid-price range women’s watches as well as affordable Women’s watches.

Finding your style

Before you go ahead and type women’s watches on your search bar, first consider the type of watches for women you are looking for. There are so many different watches for women to choose from, that it can end up a frustrating search. Consider first your style, daily activities, features that you want from your watch. Make sure that your watch will fit the rest of your wardrobe, there is nothing worse than buying a watch that does not fit with any of your outfits.

For as many fashion trends that hit the runways, there are an equal amount of stylish women’s watches coming into popularity. If you are unsure about which women’s watch to buy, take your lifestyle and wardrobe into consideration. Whether you favor the timeless elegance of luxury watches or prefer to sport the hottest look of the season, the most important key to accessorizing with a watch is to wear it with confidence.

Here is a list of watches for women styles:

Luxury watches for women style #1 – Smartwatches

Smartwatches – Smartwatch technology is continually expanding and producing new and innovative watches that appeal to both men and women. Many smartwatches are moving away from the clunky styles of previous generations and taking on a more refined look. From sporty to traditional, smartwatches are hitting the market in chic finishes to complement nearly any style.

Luxury watches for women style #2– Rose gold watches

Rose gold is one of the hottest trends in jewelry and watches. This blush-tone metal has reemerged in styles fir for any occasion. Women’s watches featuring rose gold bracelets, cases, and dials put a more feminine twist on classic gold. As a wise style investment, rose gold women’s watches maintain a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Luxury watches for women style #3Skeleton watches

Bold and alluring, skeleton watches are not just for the watch-loving gents. Luxury watchmakers are jumping on the style bandwagon, producing feminine versions of this classic timepiece. Skeleton watches feature an exposed dial that showcases the inner gears and mechanics of a watch. These unique women’s watches are perfect for women who value what is on the inside.

Luxury watches for women style #4 – Boyfriend watches

Big, chunky, and oversized, “boyfriend” watches are hitting the scene as well, giving feminine wrists a bolder look. The large-faced timepieces take a note from men’s fashion, combining confidence with class. Brimming with attitude, gender-bending wristwatches are designed to stand out.

Watches for womenour top 3 picks on women’s watches

Luxury watches for women #1 – Dolce & Gabanna Sofia Pink Gold

Luxury watches for women #1 - Dolce & Gabanna Sofia Pink Gold

The Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is really best known for its clothing collections for men and women. However, their brand has expanded in recent years to include accessories, such as watches. Their watch designs combine the classic D&G style with an excellent design made in Switzerland by the Italian watchmaker Binda. Dolce & Gabanna’s Sofia watch collection is elegant, stylish, modern and minimalist. The watch is made of 18-carat pink-gold with a watch strap made of 100% pink silk satin, which closes with an 18-carat pink gold buckle. It costs about 40,000, -.

Luxury watches for women #2 – Bvlgari Sepenti Incantati

Luxury watches for women #2 - Bvlgari Sepenti Incantati

Bvlgari (red: Bulgari) has long been known for the impeccable quality of its jewelry and watches. Bvlgari has been producing its Serpenti jewelry and watches since the 1930s, but its latest collection of women’s watches is the first to feature a snake wrapped around the dial. The watch design is absolutely striking and cannot be compared to any other watch you have ever seen.

The watch carries 116 brilliant-cut pave diamonds along with the snake. With this watch, you will no doubt stop traffic if you cross the street wearing it.

Luxury watches for women #3- Rolex Lady Datejust Pink Dial

Luxury watches for women #3-  Rolex Lady Datejust Pink Dial

Although Rolex is best known for its men’s watches, they also make some really great ladies watches and they have many different watch designs to choose from. In particular, I want to highlight their Lady Datejust Pink dial. The watch is a modern but still classic watch and one of the most recognized and recognizable of Rolex watches for women.

An important reminder when buying luxury watches for women

Whether you are getting a new watch for yourself or as a gift, it is important to know your style or the style of the person you are gifting to. If unsure of the style part, the safest choice is to go with classic and minimalistic design women’s watches, which fits any outfit as well as any occasion. Don’t forget to get them a beautiful watch box in a color they like, it will make the gift look expensive, and they will use it to store the watches for durability.