Complete guide and review on different types of women’s watches

Types of women’s watches introduction

As a wardrobe staple of the modern woman, a watch is a style statement designed to keep you on track. We have collected some of the hottest trends, top brands, and most popular styles to help you narrow down your search for the perfect timepiece. Read on for a comprehensive guide to watches for women.

Learning the different types of women’s watches

For as many fashion trends that hit the runways, there is an equal amount of stylish women’s watches coming into the spotlight. If you are unsure about which watches for women to buy, always take your lifestyle and wardrobe into consideration. Whether you favor timeless and classic elegance of a luxury watch or prefer the hottest sporty look of the season, the most important key to accessorizing with a watch is to wear it with full confidence. Check out below the women’s watch styles and learn more about them to find which watch style you prefer.

Types of women’s watches #1 –Smartwatch

Watches for women – Watch style #1 –Smartwatch

Smartwatch technology is continually expanding and producing new and innovative watches that appeal to both men and women. Many smartwatches are moving away from the clunky styles of previous generations and taking on a more refined look. Especially when it comes to watches for women, from sporty to traditional, smartwatches are hitting the market in chic finishes to complement nearly any style. Take a look at the fine feminine smartwatch designs below that you can choose from.

Types of women’s watches – Smartwatch #1 Apple Watch

Watches for women – Smartwatch #1 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch for women is our current top pick of smartwatches, it is the Wearable of the year, in fact, and still probably the best full-blooded smartwatch for iPhone owners. The Series 4 gives the design a long-awaited overhaul, but the result is actually that it is now bigger at 40, and 44mm sizes. That is awesome for all the new watchOS 5 features but if you want something smaller, don’t forget you can still buy last year’s now cheaper Apple Watch Series 3, which sticks with the more compact watches for women of 38mm and 42mm sizes. Here are the features you get from Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Swim tracking
  • Built-in GPS
  • LTE for making calls
  • ECG or electrocardiogram
  • New watch faces choosing from
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Gyro
  • Speakers giving you the ability to answer calls, FaceTime calls, chat with Siri, make phone calls, listen to music while working out
  • Sleep tracker
  • Unlock Mac from your watch
  • Set alarm or timer
  • Take a screenshot
  • Breathe app
  • SOS Emergency app

Types of women’s watches– Smartwatch #2 – FitBit Versa

Watches for women – Smartwatch #2 – FitBit Versa

After a rocky start with the Ionic, Fitbit’s venture into smartwatches is now looking much stronger with the Versa. Its second smartwatch is not just better looking, it is smaller too, making it more suited for women. This was a major problem with the Ionic, which was too large for many wrists and employed a very angular, arguable ugly design.

The FitBit Versa runs on the same software as the Ionic, meaning you will have access to the app store and catalog of watch faces, but in a smaller package. There is a vibrant 300 x 300-pixel resolution display topping out 1000 nits, and with 50m water resistance, it can be taken swimming. Plus FitBit’s female health period tracking, which is open to all users of the app, can actually be viewed onscreen on the Versa. Here is a list of FitBit Versa’s features below:

  • Health and fitness tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Install apps and watch faces
  • FitBit Pay
  • Music
  • Bluetooth
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calorie counter
  • Weight watchers

Types of women’s watchesSmartwatch #3 – Michael Kors Access Runway

Types of women's watches– Smartwatch #3 – Michael Kors Access Runway

The Access Runway, Michael Kors’ third Wear OS smartwatch for women, is a lovely alternative to the Apple Watch that works well with both iPhone and Android. It won’t beat the Versa for activity tracking but otherwise, it is a beautiful piece.

It is comfortable to wear, it gives you alerts, apps, Google Pay and selection of custom Michael Kors watch faces. Features of Micheal Kors Access Runway are:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Google Pay
  • Swimproof build
  • AMOLED display

Watches for women – Watch style #2 – Rose Gold watches

Rose gold is one of the hottest trends in the women’s watches market today. This blush-tone metal has emerged in styles fit for any occasion. Watches features rose gold bracelets, cases, and dials put a more feminine twist on classic gold. As a wise style investment, rose gold watches for women maintain a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Here are some of the great Rose Gold watches for women to choose from:

Types of women’s watchesRose gold watch #1 Guess U0532L3 Watch

Watches for women – Rose gold watch #1 Guess Diamond-accented rose gold watch

The rose gold Guess U0532L3 merges timeless elegance with a sleek, contemporary design. The ultra-fine mesh-and-link bracelet nestles gently up against the contours of your wrist, thus providing ultimate comfort. Its large dial features a sunray design with sword-shaped hands and four beautiful diamonds.

Types of women’s watchesRose gold watch #2 – Ladies Fossil Tailor Watch (ES3713)

Watches for women – Rose gold watch #2 – Fossil Tailor

The classic design of the Fossil Tailor watch is complemented by carefully placed details that give this piece its luxurious appeal, like the delicate guilloche pattern adorning the outer ring of the dial. It also features two sub-dials, which indicate the day and date.

Types of women’s watchesRose gold watch #3– Skagen Anita Mother of Pearl

Watches for women – Rose gold watch #3 – Skagen Anita

The Skagen Anita Mother of Pearl has a 36mm diameter and features a mother-of-pearl dial with three-hand movement and hours marked by numeric and linear indexes. it is finished with a 14mm steel mesh strap. The best thing about the Skagen Anita is that it is easy to change the straps if you should ever get tired of the mesh band.

Types of women’s watches #3 – Floral watches

Garden-inspired fashion is all the rage, and your accessories are no exception. Whether you are hitting the night scene or heading for work, a floral watch is just the thing to perk up an outfit. Floral-print brands and flower-embossed dials give these feminine watches a flirty finish. Here are our top 3 picks of floral watches for women.

Types of women’s watches Floral watch #1 – Ted Baker

Watches for women – Floral watch #1 – Ted Baker

Women’s Ted Baker Kate Floral Dial Black Leather Band Watch TE50272003, is one of our favorite floral watches. Floral design dial is really great, with a leather strap and rose gold case, which is perfect and elegant in every way. Ted Baker watch collections are known for its classic designs with a twist.

Types of women’s watches #2Tommy Hilfiger Pippa Floral Rose

Watches for women – Floral watch #2 – Tommy Hilfiger Pippa Floral Rose

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s premium lifestyle brands, Tommy Hilfiger watches delivers superior styling, quality, and value to consumers worldwide. The Tommy Hilfiger Pippa Floral Rose is beautifully crafted with an elegant flower design on the dial, no hour markers and just the Tommy Hilfiger brand name and logo at 3 o’clock position.

This watch from Tommy Hilfiger collection features a rose gold sunray dial decorated with a flower motif with clear crystals and the Tommy Hilfiger logo at 3 o’clock. This floral watch is perfect for any occasion, the material is made to survive stresses of daily life, and for everything from laundry to washing your hands, to getting caught in rain, this watch is 30m water-resistant.



Olivia Burton Parlour Floral Print Mesh is an amazing and interesting watch for women. The case material is stainless steel, which stands for a higher quality of the item while the dial color is multi-color. This watch is water-resistant which means it can withstand slight splashes and rain but not to be immersed in water.

When learning the different types of women’s watches, you also have to learn about the different watch strap styles

Now, let us take look at the different watch bands for women, for complete personalization. Although not all watches for women can easily be swapped for a third-part band. Make sure that the watch of your choice has the ability for interchangeable straps. Here are the different watch strap materials you can choose from.

Watches for women watch band #1 – NATO straps

Watches for women watch band #1 – NATO straps

Originally developed for British Army soldiers in the 1970s, it quickly grew in popularity throughout the military, and over time, the general public gradually began to appreciate the strap for its numerous features and abilities. The most notable feature of a NATO strap is its single-piece construction, most other straps are composed of two separate pieces, and can only be applied by removing both of the spring bars that attach to the watch. Switching out straps is normally a time-consuming process, but NATO straps are simply woven underneath the spring bars, so they can be removed or applied in a matter of seconds.

Watches for women watch band #2 – Perlon

Watches for women watch band #2 – Perlon

Like NATO, a Perlon is made from nylon but is formed from a braided patterning of the material as opposed to being cut from one dense strip. This, obviously, opens the strap up a bit and aids airflow, but it also has a less tactical look that is more suited for dressier pieces. Perlons, come as both one-piece and two-pieces straps, but we have a preference for the latter because it slips through the back of the watch like NATO, making swaps quick and easy.

Watches for women watch band #3 – Rubber straps

Watches for women watch band #3 – Rubber straps

Rubber straps are most associated with dive watches and come in a variety of different styles. Tropical straps have a weave pattern and perforations, while other styles shave a larger hole in them like the iconic ISOfrane Strap. Not all rubber straps are created equally, you will pay a higher premium for vulcanized and natural rubber, but the price is usually worth it for something that will ultimately be more durable and more comfortable.

Watches for women watch band #4 – Steel Mesh straps

Watches for women watch band #4 – Steel Mesh straps

Steel mesh straps were particularly popular back in the early days of wristwatches and appeared to have resurgences during the 1930s and ’40s and again in the ’60s and ’70s. There are 2 main varieties, Milanese, which is characterized by a tighter, finer metal weave and Shark Mesh, which is chunkier and looser. The former is ideal for slimmer, dressier pieces and the latter is most at home on a dive watch.

Watches for women watch band #5 – Leather straps

Watches for women watch band #5 – Leather straps

Leather watch straps come in different colors and materials today, not all leather watch straps are genuine leather. If you want to save some money and go for a more affordable type of leather watch strap, try searching for perforated leather straps. You can learn more about leather watch straps on our blog. Click here.  

Watches for women – women love colors

Women not only know the power of color but will very often accessorize accordingly. The color of a watch can be very important for women, for example, and almost paradoxically, a white watch may look better on women with a fair-skin complexion or on one who often wears light-colored clothing. Black watches, on the other hand, complement black or darker colored skin, as well as women with bolder physical features. A more neutral tone, such as silver or beige, can go well with a variety of different skin tones and physical characteristics of women, Gold and Platinum also tend to be quiet versatile in this regard, which is just as well, given how many expensive watches come in those colors.

These colors, however, tend to be more subtle and demure than do the more extreme colors like black and white, not to mention even more vibrant colors such as red, pink and blue. Colors are very personal, even emotional and mood-related, for instance, women like to wear floral designed accessories during spring and summer, women are great with combining colors on their outfit, accessories as well as seasonal matching. This is the reason why watches for women is a larger category than men’s watches, as for women, they tend to shop for watches more often than men because they want to match their new outfit with a new watch.

Watches for women – Ultimately a watch is a wonderful accessory

A watch is a thing of beauty, and it is okay to view a woman’s watch as an accessory. Women today are more like men who have the same enthusiastic attitude towards watches, they even started to collect luxury watches for women. A watch is no longer just an accessory for some women, it is a status statement, a lifestyle sign.