Getting to know the characteristics of luxury watches for women

A watch conveys a woman’s personality in a way no other accessories can, while at the same time accenting her femininity and beauty. Lovely, minimalist watches and large, ornate ones are each able to make a distinct fashion statement, depending on the woman’s personal style and look.

Buying a watch is no simple task. Although there are plenty of luxury watches for women on the market, finding the perfect one that is stylish, high-quality, and that suits your tastes can be a major challenge. As such, narrowing down your field of search can be extremely helpful. From the ultimate luxury brands to the must-have modern labels, each of these designer watchmakers is adept at creating fashionable watch designs. Now, all you need to do is choose which one of their stylish timepieces you want to buy. Below we have gathered a buying guide and list of top luxury watches for women.

Here are things to consider when looking for luxury watches for women

Women are into luxury watches for women today as with men, the watch offers one of the few socially acceptable ways to accessorize. Some choose to wear a luxury watch simply because they like the way it looks, or as a status symbol. Others get excited about the complex inner-mechanics. Here are several reasons why owning a luxury watch makes good sense.


A luxury watch is crafted by skilled artisans using higher-grade materials. The intrinsic value in this translates into several benefits. First being reliable precision and quality of the build. In the class of mechanical and quartz, luxury watches for women are better made and more accurately regulated. In general, they will stand up to wear better and offer better protection from damage over something cheaper.


Properly cared for, a luxury watch will last for several decades or even longer. Check out any of the major watch auction and you find ready evidence of this. Worn regularly over years or decades, a watch becomes intimately associated with its owner. A luxury watch’s ability to stand the test of time means it can be passed down to future generations. It can serve as a meaningful heirloom, rite of passage, or long-lasting memento.

Convey the right message

A watch is with you all of the time, more so often than your phone. It is something you will likely wear and look for every day. Choosing a timepiece of quality conveys a sense of self-respect. That message often carries forward into how others perceive you. The watch one wears can tell a lot about a person. A luxury watch can communicate individual taste, aesthetic appeal, and subtle display of wealth, and dress etiquette.

Appreciation in finer things in life

In most circumstances, looking at the part can prove all-important. Luxury watches for women are widely respected and quick to be noticed by others that appreciate the finer details. As a result, they can serve as great conversation openers. A luxury watch communicates an appreciation for the finer things in life. By owning one, you can attract the right type of attention from likeminded people.

the top selections of women’s luxury watches

There few things to consider when it comes to purchasing your luxury watch. Whether it is for daily use, something that will only come out on special occasions, it is something that should be in every woman’s jewelry box. Naturally, you are going to want to see out a prestigious brand with a serious history not only of watchmaking but of mastering decorative arts and handcrafts essential for a luxury watch.

Luxury watches for women – for everyday use

luxury Watches for women for everyday use

Carl F. Bucherer Adamavi

When we say every day, of course, that is not to be confused with mundane. If it is going to see the most time on your wrist, it needs to deserve to be there, but you also need it to be clear, legible and functional. A watch from Carl F. Bucherer fits the bill perfectly. The Adamavi hits the sweet spot with a 28mm version with two-tone gold dial, elegant Roman numerals and hard-wearing steel bracelet with 2 lines of 18K rose gold running through it.

Luxury watches for women – for office use

luxury Watches for women for office use

A fine Swiss-made a luxury watches for women from IWC Schaffhausen is a perfect watch to use in the office, the Da Vinci model is one of IWC Schaffhausen’s signature designs, and this raspberry colored strap adds a feminine flair to the classic. The watch completes a silver-plated face and 25 jewels in a total of .94 carats of diamonds.

IWC Schaffhausen IW458308

Luxury watches for women – for fine dining or occasion

Luxury watches for women -  for fine dining or occasion

The De Ville collection by Omega is one of the watch brand’s most popular lines, and for a good reason. With classic details like Roman numerals hour markers and a diamond setting around the face, this is a classic choice that will only get better with time.

Omega De Ville White Diamond Dial White Satin

Luxury watches for women – for every fine occasion

Luxury Watches for women for every fine occasion

You can never go wrong with Audemars Piguet luxury watches for women, the Royal Oak Offshore Quartz is one of the most popular luxury watches for women from the most prestigious watch brands in the industry. The tennis legend has a good reason to be a fan, Serena Williams. The pink gold watch has a diamond-set bezel and crown, is water-resistant, and also features glare-proofed sapphire crystal. The market price of this fine timepiece is $67, 540.00


Luxury watches for women – another fine timepiece that matches every outfit and any occasion


This Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow gold two-tone Datejust watch from Rolex is such a fine timepiece that it matches every outfit a woman own and can fit very well in any fine occasion. For the jewelry lover who happily mixes gold and silver pieces, this certified Rolex has stainless steel and 18K yellow gold band. The face has a yellow gold fluted bezel, and the champagne dial has a date display as well.

Rolex Lady-Datejust Pink Dial on Jubilee Bracelet

Luxury watches for women – things to consider before purchasing a luxury watch

A little luxury would not hurt. Sometimes you need to reward yourself with something extravagant. After all, life is always full of surprises and tomorrow will always be uncertain. Hence, paying something through your nose could still be a great bargain, especially if you are talking about luxury watches for women. And if you have decided to buy a luxury watch, then you should read this very important buying guide because luxury watches can take a toll on your savings. Here is the ultimate guide to buying a women’s watch that will make the whole buying process much easier and worthwhile.

First and foremost, you should purchase the watch you want, but if you can secure investment at the same time, why not? Here are some things to consider before you decide on a luxury watch.

Manual or Automatic

When searching for a luxury watch, you need to consider which movements you’d prefer, there are 3 common movements; quartz (the affordable watches are made of), manual movements, or automatic movement. Depending on your preferences, you should choose something that is tailored to your needs. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to personally wind the crown, the automatic watches or sometimes called self-winding watches are your go-to-piece. But if you love to reset the time all by yourself, then manual watches are your thing. Just take note that automatic watches tend to add a few seconds per day, while the quartz is considered to the most precise timepiece, however, few luxury watches for women are made with quartz movement.

Choose your design

Another important factor to consider when buying women’s luxury watch is the design. Watch is one of the first accessories that define a person’s sense of style. With that, choosing a design should be something that is likable to your personality and fashion sense. Do you like those with classic design, fancy charms or minimalistic aura? There are plenty of choices in the market and you will seriously have an array of options at hand.


Apart from designs and features, you also need to consider the brand. Do your research and weigh things properly. The market is never fully open to the prying eyes of the public. Hence, you should be able to distinguish the real from fake. Established brands are way attractive to the buyers compared to those newbie entities with too good to be true advertising. Always take note that luxury watches for women must be part of your impulse buying madness.

With this women’s luxury watches for women’s guide, we hope that you can now easily choose the perfect luxury watch for you. And if you are still looking for some of the best luxury women’s watches in 2019, check online stores and remember to check if they are legit sellers or the watch brands. Remember, that luxury watches for women are not just accessories but are considered as a wardrobe staple and good investments.


You also need to think about the aesthetic appearance of your watch, including the size of the face you want. Luxury watches for women generally start 20mm in diameter, while men’s watches can be as large as 50mm in diameter. A fairly standard men’s watch has a face between 30mm and 36mm in width, but in the end, it comes down to personal preference and finding a watch that feels comfortable to wear.


When considering the aesthetic appeal of your new watch, you also need to consider the strap material. High-quality leather has a timeless quality to it and is comfortable on the wrist, although it may be prone to fading or wear and is not best suited to a watch which may be regularly submerged in water. You could choose a metal strap, which has a reassuringly sturdy feel to it and is better suited to a water-resistant watch. You could choose a water-resistant strap such as a metal strap, which has a reassuringly sturdy feel to it and is better suited to a water-resistant watch. There are also NATO straps, which were originally designed for the British army during World War II. These are made from a single piece of material woven underneath spring bars, with a keeper strap ensuring the watch stays on your wrist even if a bar breaks. That makes a NATO strap a great choice if you lead a very active lifestyle or are going to be wearing your watch in water. They are also cheaper than other types of strap, which will lower the overall cost of your luxury watch.

Luxury watches for women – Other features

Most luxury watches for women will have additional features, whether it’s as simple as a date display or as complex as a perpetual calendar that never needs adjusting, even counting for leap years. There are also all sorts of other features you might want to consider, so it pays to look into a few different options. Investigate what various brands and different models have to offer before deciding on the added extras you want from your watch. So, why buy the luxury watch brands? After a house and a car, a luxury watch is probably one of the best investments you can make, as high-quality watches for women are built to last a lifetime and are often handed down to the next generation. This watch buying guide for luxury watches for women is a simple starting point. Ultimately the watch you choose will come down to your personal preference. However, take your time and ask for professional advice id you are at all uncertain.