Watches for Men: Types of Men’s Watches in the Marketplace

What are the types of watches for men to choose from?

The world of watches for men and women has expanded and improved through the years. So many different brands have released and launched their own masterpieces over time. There are a thousand timepieces in the world, how do you know which one is best for you? Which types of men’s watches are perfect for your wrist?

In reality, there are over a thousand models and make men’s watches in the market. To provide a simple guide, here are a couple of types according to their display and movement.

watches for men

Watches for Men – 1. Analog Watches

In the beginning, when the world was new, and electronics were not yet born or known to man life was different. Men and women’s watches have been around long before man invented or discovered electricity. In those days, people marveled and were in awe of the art and beauty of timepieces. This is why until now there are still a lot of watchmakers that stayed true to the age-old tradition of designing and creating timepieces that are mechanical and automatic in nature. 

Watches for Men – 2. Mechanical Watches

This is the mother of all watches for men and women. It is the oldest construct among timepieces. Another feature of this classic type is that mechanical watches are normally fully analog in design and make. This means that there are basically no electronic parts include in mechanical watches. In other words, these are timepieces that have absolutely no use for batteries in order to work or move. This type of men’s watches do not run on batteries and are instead power by a mainspring that requires manual wounding. 

A mainspring is made up of a spiral torsion or coiled spring of metal ribbon, which is usually made of spring steel. This is the main power sour e of the mechanical wristwatches. It only needs to be wind before each use. The mechanism slowly releases itself to drive the hands of the watch-move and work. It continues to do so easily.

Watches for Men – 3. Automatic Watches

This is another one of those non-batteries using timepieces. But unlike the mechanical variety, this is called “self-winding”. Many often refer to it as the upgraded version of the mechanical wristwatches for men and women. This works by reacting to the wearer’s movement. As the wearer moves his wrist, a weighted plate will rotate in response and automatically wind the mainspring inside providing the piece with the power it needs to work. Many people in sales try to convince their prospective clients by hyping and banking on the latter’s “no batteries required” qualities. And with good reasons as it is based on the trusted tradition for making watches.

Watches for Men – 4. Quartz Watches

This kind of watch, on the other hand, uses quartz crystals to drive the mechanics and make the timepiece move. It is through the electricity that passes through the quartz crystal, which is a natural phenomenon that happens causing the crystal to vibrate at a constant rate. This is utilized to provide an accurate run to the watch. The difference though between this type with the mechanical and automatic watches for men and women is that this type actually needs batteries to provide it with the required power it needs.

Watches for Men

Moreover, watches have different features so also designs. There are types of watches that watch wearers can choose. It may depend on their preferences and budget. However, select the best watch that is comfy to wear to meet satisfaction.