Watches for Men: Types of Digital Watches to Match Your Style

Watches for Men

In many instances, the understanding of digital watches for men and women were often limited to timepieces that required batteries as its power source to move and work. They were commonly mistaken as just watches with batteries plain and simple. When the truth is that digital watches are more than the batteries but also the technology and electronic system it runs on. Furthermore, unlike mechanical and automatic timepieces, digitals run purely on electronics. Here then are different types of men’s watches that run on electronics and are therefore digital in nature.

Types of Digital Watches for Men

watches for men

Plain Old Digital Watches for Men

The plain old digital watches for men as it is now commonly called made its debut in the early 1970s. Men, women, teens, and kids alike of the 70s and 80s are very much familiar with this kind of timepiece. Back then this simple electronic battery-powered men and women’s watches and yes even kids loved them. It was so popular in those days that for a while its popularity threatened the existence of automatic and mechanical watches to almost extinction. It has a simple enough mechanism that effectively gives the time, with a calendar, furthermore the wearer can set the alarm, and if they like it can make use of the stopwatch function included in it. No fuss,  frills, and all just simple service, it does what it is supposed to do effectively.

LED Watches for Men

For those who knew of it, it was known by several names but is now simply known as LED. It got its name primarily because it stands for light-emitting diode, which is a unique feature of these women and men’s watches. The simpler way to explain it would be that it has small ultra-bright light bulbs as part of its mechanism. The LED technology as amazing as it may sound has actually been around for quite some time now. Cool and efficient are words commonly used to describe this watch.


Everybody is in awe and are amazed at smartwatches. Who does not want to own one or actually own one of these days? How can anyone resist the result of merging watch technology with that of a smartphone? Smartwatches for men and women are like having smartphones wrapped around their wrists. All the things you want in a smartphone all bundled up to fit comfortably and conveniently on your very own wrist. 

They are called “smart” for a reason. It gives way more than just the time and can actually act as an electronic assistant to their wearer. They come with the technology that we owe much to the intelligence and expertise of Steve Jobs. It is like having your very own digital assistant just within your wrist at any time; you can do your research, make a call, ask for directions and even keep track of your loved one with so very little trouble. This is why it is no wonder that a lot of people are developing a fondness for this type.

Watches for Men

Several people prefer digital watches because it’s easy to read the time so also it’s trending nowadays. The important thing when you purchase a timepiece is that you like it because of its great features, the price is reasonable and comfy to wear.