Watches for Men: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Watch

Watches for men – what is a mechanical watch

There is just something special with a mechanical watch. Whether they are watches for men or women, these pieces really look great and very distinguished, making the wearer feel likewise. However, as special as they may seem to know that not all mechanical watches are of course created equal. Obviously, some are made better than others. And of greater quality in workmanship, as well as the materials used.

Watches for men – Mechanical watches for men

A mechanical watch is called due to its movement. This type of women and men’s watches in power by a mainspring. This mechanism is made up of a coil wire of metal. It slowly and evenly unwinds, causing the second hand to move in a smooth, sweeping motion around the watch’s face. This type of movement does not create so much sound that others may find annoying. Most mainsprings inside the case are about 9-13 inches in length. The longer the mainspring, the length of the mainspring affects the amount of power the watch receives;  longer your mechanical watch power reserve is. Which means that the longer you can go between windings.

Watches for men  - Mechanical watches for men

Watches for men – Pros and cons of mechanical watches for men

Watches for men pro #1 – It does not need a battery

All you need to do to keep it working well at the most time would be to wound it regularly before using it.

Watches for men pro #2 – Smooth operator

If you are particular about the movements that are happening on your wristwatch then this one happens to have a smooth sweeping movement on the second hand. This way it is more aesthetically pleasing than the “tick tick tick” of quartz watches make when they move.

Watches for men pro #3 – Quality

One can sense the amount of effort and hard work that goes into each piece of mechanical women and men’s watches released in the market.

Watches for men con #1– Winding it is necessary

The same reason that makes it’s unique and special can also be a cause for bother for some. This piece requires regular winding, otherwise, its accuracy and precision may be affected.

Watches for men con #2 – Can be too sensitive

Due to the way that this watch works. It is made up of several intricate springs and gears working together. This is why its movement can be very vulnerable to its surroundings. Magnets are a definite no, so are moisture, dust, and shocks, and magnets; prolonged exposure to any of them is sure to lead to BIG trouble.  

Watches for men con #3 – Accuracy issues

There is no question about how each mechanical watch is made with care. However, no matter how good or even great it is time is also its enemy; with age, it will eventually have accuracy issues. For this, the owner needs to take their mechanical watch to a trusted service center or even a jeweler at least every 5 to 10 years for a proper “tune-up”, in order to maintain its accuracy.

Watches for men con #4 – Expensive

It was very noticeable that in comparison, mechanical watches are price higher than quartz. The reason for this difference is, of course, the effort and craftsmanship that went into this kind of timepiece.

Every timepiece there’s always advantages and disadvantages for you to be aware of or additional knowledge as well. It can help you decide whether you will buy a mechanical watch or not. Nevertheless, look on the brighter side to avoid regrets but obtain satisfaction.

Watches for men – mechanical watches buying guide

Are you decided to buy a mechanical watch? Well, this article is best for you. You’ll learn the advantage and disadvantages of this kind of watch. It’s additional knowledge for you and a helpful guide before making a decision. So, try to check on these mechanical watches review below then choose the best one for your wrist.