Watches for Men Review: 9 Best Watches in the Marketplace

Watches for Men– watch that you must own

We are living in high technology, most of the watches have great features as they are upgraded too. Numerous individuals are looking for a trendy timepiece that can match their outfit. So also watches for men that will be used in their work, sports and more.

Take note of the watches for men and women available in the marketplace today:

Watches for Men – 1. Mechanical Watches

watches for men

This is probably one of the oldest created timepieces among all women and men’s watches that are now in existence. The mechanical watch is analog and works by winding. This means that does not require any batteries as a power source. Instead, all the wearer need to do is to wind before using it for the day, so that the correct time is maintained. 

Watches for Men – 2.  Automatic Watches

Like mechanical watches, automatic women and men’s watches do not also need any batteries to work. But unlike the mechanical type, there is no need to wind it before using, for as long as they are used regularly. The mechanism in automatic or “self-winding” timepieces works when the watch is worn and the wearer moves his or her arm or wrist as the case may be. For every movement, the mechanism inside the watch responds by winding the watch accordingly. The problem, however, is if it is not used regularly, in that case, the owner can either by a watch winder to keep the piece in or to wind it manually as needed.

Watches for Men – 3.  Quartz Watches

This kind of timepiece uses quartz crystals to run the mechanism inside. Electricity is the main source of power for this type. It works when as electricity passes through the quartz crystal, the latter begins to vibrate and generate power for the equipment.  

Watches for Men – 4.  Digital Watches

More popularly known by everyone during the  70s and 80s.  Purely runs on electricity from batteries.  It comes with a display face as a case, that clearly and simply shows the time, day, date and even seconds when needed.

Watches for Men – 5.  Smartwatches

Every surely knows this type of watch. It is like having your smartphone strap comfortably on your wrist. Equipped with the latest technology, that may include communication capacity, videos ready, touch screen, and other advanced features that one would normally find in a computer, laptop or smartphone. This kind of watch for men and women is especially popular with millennials and those who are fond of technology. 

Watches for Men – 6.  Hybrid Watches

For those who cannot seem to decide on one type of watch, this is a common choice. It is a cross between digital and analog watches. This type is a great choice for those who want to keep it simple and yet still have style.

Watches for Men – 7.  Diver Watches

The name itself describes what this watch for men and women is all about. Initially only made for those who need it to either professionally or for fun and sport. One special feature of this piece is that it is water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for anyone who has a fondness for water sports or activities.

Watches for Men – 8.  Chronograph Watch

The name may sound fancy but all chronograph really mean is “stopwatches”. This kind of watches can be very useful for those in the position of counting time in a sports match or for whatever reason. Usually, chronograph women and men’s watches can keep the time down to the speed of until 1/100 second.

Watches for Men – 9.  Aviator Watch

Obviously, this kind was made for pilots or those in the same field. Also, work well for people who love to travel by plane.

Watches for Men – valuable watches to have

To sum up, I think you probably have many choices for these watches that are recommendable to you. However, the important thing is you like the watch you will be purchasing soon plus it gives comfort in wearing it. Include your timepiece as your precious belongings.