Watches for Men: Guides and Tips to Automatic Pieces

Watches for men – getting to know automatic watches

They are wonderful creations of master watchmakers with a love for well-crafted timepieces. Each piece is like a work of art wrapped around your wrists. For this reason, owners should know their proper care. Longevity in use is a result of managing well such priced objects.

Watches for men tip #1

1. Wear your Automatic Watch for 3 or 4 days straight.

An automatic watch is one that does not need winding, hence the term “automatic”. These are timepieces that are capable of self-winding. Self-winding occurs as the latter’s reaction to movements of the wrist as it is worn. Wearing it for 3 to 4 days straight allows it to keep the time more regular or accurate. If you can wear it daily then that would be better, but if you have several watches for men in your collection then you can alternate them. 

Watches for men – hand-winding an automatic watch

Hand-winding (or doing it manually) can also be done to an automatic piece just like on manual mechanical watches for men, but it can be more of a hassle for many. Furthermore, some timepieces that are automatic in nature are not designed for regular manual winding, so it is still better to just wear it continuously.  

Watches for men tip #2

2. Keep it away from magnets, magnetic objects or other like electronic devices.

This tip is because automatic watches for men or women are naturally affected by magnets. Watches are magnetic objects, just like other electronic devices, because of the metal components they have. This why magnets are one of the top sworn enemies of men’s watches. If magnetized the movement or workings of these pieces will be disrupted.

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Watches for men tip #3

3. Keep the Crown pushed down at all times.

The crown must only be lifted on occasions when you need to make an adjustment on your wristwatch’s functions, otherwise, keep it down. Before magnets, the number 1 mortal enemy of men’s watches is water. So, even if it is said to be water resistant it would be wise to keep the crown pushed down. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  

Watches for men tip #4

4. Store it well. 

It may be made well and look quite sturdy, but that is not reason enough to just let lie around mindlessly on your table or inside the drawer. If you have. A collection then gets a storage box for them, if you only have one piece then keep it in the box it came with. Keep it free from harm, scratching and other mishaps.

Watches for men tip #5

5. Manually wind the Automatic Watch a  few times. 

This is of course in cases, when you have neglected to wear that particular piece for quite some time which would naturally lead it to nod off. Wind it manually or by hand before use to start it up again and then go back to tip number 1, to be sure. Automatic watches for men or women that have been stored for a long time and ran out of power can easily be restarted, just don’t allow that to happen very often otherwise it may nod off permanently. 

Watches for men – make it a habit to wind your watch before it runs out of energy

If it happens that your watch is already drained when you use it again, then other than winding checking the settings is also mandatory. You have given much time, effort and invested much in a nice men’s watch. Take care of it so you can enjoy it longer.