Watches for men buying guide – Top European watches

Watches for men – What are European watches?

The turn of the century heralded the birth of the fashion-conscious men. Nowadays our male folk is not only just about practicality and durability as requirements in the choice of things they wear. They have also begun to be more aware of how the things they put together as part of their wardrobe affects the impact they project whether in their careers, social life and even the daily mundane things they enjoy doing.

Watches for men – European watches are known for their good tastes

This awareness of the modern man on the importance of self-presentation also had an equal impact on many of the things that are being introduced in the market such as wristwatches for men.  The evolution of men’s watches has taken quite a turn in recent years. Manufacturers have now added a lot of features in watches for men that go way beyond just giving the time.

European men are known for their good taste as well as fashion sense. Also, it means these two are very much part of the criteria they look for on the pieces they pick to adorn their wrist.

Watches for men European’s Top Choices:

top choices

Watches for men – Top Choices #1.Chopard (L.U.C 150)

Watches for men - Top Choices #1.Chopard (L.U.C 150)

This all in one Swiss original chronometer is truly what we can call a gentleman’s timepiece.  Mechanical men’s watches by this brand are top-notch in craftsmanship and ingenuityAnd the best news is that there are just so many of them in this selection to choose from. 

Watches for men Top Choices #2. TAG Heuer

Watches for men Top Choices #2. TAG Heuer

On point chronometer, smartwatch, fashionable or if you’re just in the market for top quality wristwatches for men then they might just have one for you. Earlier known for their race circuit vibe in men’s watches their pieces have certainly had their share of upgrading.

Watches for men Top Choices #3. Rolex ( automatic) 

watches for men  Rolex ( automatic)

Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf were not playing around when they conceptualized their work. Today luxury watches is the apt definition of a Rolex. One of the latest beings is the Submariner with its black dial and stainless steel. Just one of their hottest automatic men’s watches to date.

Watches for men Top Choices #4. Roger W. Smith (Roger Smith series 2)

Watches for men Top Choices #4. Roger W. Smith (Roger Smith series 2)

This guy certainly did not put to waste being a protégé to Dr. George Daniels another esteemed British watchmaker. Evidence would be Smith establishing themselves as one of Britain’s best as proven by the craftsmanship award they received from Walpole British Luxury Awards. 

A fine example of said mastery would series to of their luxury line. Handmade and with only 10 units produced makes each one of these men’s watches a prize.

Watches for men Top Choices #5. Patek (Nautilus)

Watches for men Top Choices #5. Patek (Nautilus)

This maker’s love affair with the watchmaking world started in 1851. To date, their pieces, especially the wristwatches for men collections are considered as some of the most priceless ones there is. 

Nautilus being one of the tribute pieces to commemorate 40 years of success in the watchmaking industry is every collector’s dream. Complicated and beautiful two poles apart words that can only be used to describe these watches.

Watches for men – quality watches

Watches for men – Collecting is hunting – and some meals are easier to get than others. The most rewarding trophies are those which require time, effort, and hard work to earn. There are some watch collectors whose passion is more in the search for a timepiece as opposed to the timepiece itself. For these collectors, their interest in a timepiece almost immediately diminishes once they acquire it. For them, the desire to own it (and the accompanying reasons) along with with the hunt for the watch is more appealing than the watch itself.

Watches for men – careful consideration

Watches for men – This is important to mention because a lot of watch collectors can lose interest in a timepiece soon after finding it – and they should now that such sentiments are natural. Knowing this element of collector behavior can also empower you to not make the wrong purchase decisions, as well as to savor the thrill of a hunt of watches for men and not jump to satisfy your desires without careful consideration of buying the right watch, and the right time, and for the right amount of money.