A comprehensive guide and reviews on quality watches

What are the characteristics of quality watches?

A watch is something personal, an accessory chosen differently by each of us. Everyone has their own taste in design and style. Therefore, we can’t judge a person’s watch. We all have unlike tastes in quality watches for men—and almost everything, actually. Although when finding a watch, aside from personal taste, we want to find good quality watches for ourselves. We prepared some signs that indicate if a watch is a good quality watch or some characteristics of quality men’s watches.

how to check the authenticity and quality of a watch

watches for men characteristics of quality watches

materials to consider when choosing a watch

The good characteristics of quality watches are usually made of stainless steel. Ones made of titanium or ceramic would be better but are higher in price. Stainless-steel compared to ‘normal’ steel cannot be affected by moisture and sweat. A PVD coating is important to ensure that gold, silver, rose gold, or black watch reserves its color. A watch without a coating may discolor within a year by frequent use. The used materials are displayed on the back of a watch.

Sapphire glass makes a great quality watch

A good quality watch would most likely have a sapphire glass. It depends on the kind of the purpose of your watch. Sapphire glass maintains clear and scratches free after violent use. Crystal or mineral glass is adequate for average men’s quality watches that are cheaper in price.

watch movements are what makes the watch tick

Good quality and affordable watch must have a quartz movement or a certified mechanical movement. The major advantage of quartz is that there are fewer moving parts required. This makes the watch more accurate and inexpensive. Mechanical men’s quality watches, on the other hand, are more expensive than quartz. Modern mass productions of movements have resulted in a quality that is unbeatable by human hands.

water-resistant levels

Water-resistance is a must for a good quality watch. Almost nothing is more damaging to a watch than liquid. Waterproof quality watches for men would set the standards high. It also has varying degrees. The 10 ATM water resistance means that the watch is resistant to 100 meters (or 10 bar) pressure. This makes it a good watch for swimming. Apart from the watch case, a waterproof strap would make a good quality watch too. But for leather straps, water contact is not advisable.

overall performance

Besides the mentioned characteristics above, a good quality watch would have a nice finish. Also, It should feel comfortable and nicely finished. Everything should comply with an elegant, attractive whole.

the importance of brand names

Talking about brands is somehow a dangerous topic for article writers, but it is definitely part of the signs you must look out for when finding a good quality watch. We always hear someone buying a watch from a watch brand that no longer exists two years later. It could happen sometimes, but it should not cease you from buying a watch. If there is something wrong with your newly purchased watch. Then, a good brand can secure your watch’s circumstances.

Take a look at the reviews of different quality watches for men below

#1 Timex Expedition Field Chronograph 

Quality watches timex expedition

Timex is a major brand in the affordable watches market. Timex has always been part of watch collector items due to its wonderful quality timepieces. A Weekender Chronograph, and it is one of the watch enthusiasts favorite when it comes to daily wear watches.

The Timex Expedition Field, on the other hand, is more rugged in appearance and design. This one comes in 43mm, which is on its way too big territory. Price-wise, you can find the Expedition Field for sale at its $53 on Amazon.

#2 Seiko Adventure-Solar Classic

Quality watches Seiko Adventure Solar Classic

The Seiko Adventure-Solar Classic has an old familiar charm to it. It features Seiko’s classic brown leather strap, which gives it the timeless appeal of classic watches. The leather strap is made out of leather calfskin. It is a casual watch that looks good at work and performs outdoor when we need it the most.

One of the greatest features of the Seiko Adventure-Solar Classic is it draws its power source from the sun. The Timex Adventure-Solar Classic is solar-powered, which means you will never run into a situation where you will inconveniently find your watch dead before you have to run into an important meeting.

#3 – TRIWA Blue Steel Nevil

Quality watches Triwa blue steel nevil

Triwa Blue Steel Nevil is a functional and special Men’s watch. The material of the case is stainless steel while the dial color is blue. The features of the watch include a chronograph.

always Choose authentic and quality watches

These characteristics of quality watches are helpful to watch wearers as it gives an idea of identifying the good quality watch in the marketplace. For sure, they can find the best watch that suits their preferences and budget.