Watches for men – Buying guide and review on dress watches

Watches for men – what is a dress watch

It was said that the beginning of dress watches for men started in the early 20th century with the well-to-do gentlemen of that era. This was developed for the men who wanted to start wearing their timepiece on their wrist, rather than in their pocket as they do with the more popular pocket watches before. The men saw it as simpler, more efficient and less troublesome.

Watches for men – matching outfit and dress watches for men

Getting a proper dress watch to match the occasion is very important. For just like the clothes that you wear to match with the shoes on your feet, the choice of watch you have on your wrist can say so much about the character of the wearer, reveals so much about your person. This may sound overly dramatic to some, but if you really want to move forward with the right stance and stride then it is not only ideal but also practical to be able to find the right wristwatch for men that is suitable for you.

Watches for men – dress watch mistakes

Speaking of watches for men for the right occasion, one such type of watches that often gets taken for granted is the dress watch. In many situations, regular Joe’s not really caring to distinguish this type with the others. This mistake or carelessness may very well lead to the one appearing either showy or cheap, two words which for sure no self- respecting gentleman would want to be associated with. This is why it is of utmost importance to have the basic knowledge of dress watches, situations like that can be avoided. 

Watches for men – things to consider when buying dress watches for men

Watches for men - things to consider when buying a dress watch
  • For starters, the phrase  ‘dress watch’ originally refers to either mechanical or automatic strap watches. This is the type of men’s watches that are not battery operated and instead need to be winded in order to move and work. 
  • The structure has to be slim, simple and elegant as the basic function of a dress watch is to complement a suit or any formal attire for a dinner out or any formal special events that require dressing up in either a suit or a tuxedo. It has to be such that it can be easily worn with long shirt sleeves and often a jacket.
  • Given the function it has, dress watches then need to have more refined features and in most cases thinner and more subtle movements than their sporting counterparts. It was all the fault of James Bond that men previously thought that dive watches make good partners with dinner suits. Oh well, it did look good on Sean Connery and Roger Moore. However, not all of us can pull off that style with ease and equal charm that agent 007 did.
  • The role they play and the occasions that you are supposed to wear them to should somehow give you an idea that dress watches for men tend to be made in precious metals and even have an occasional precious stone included. This being the case be ready with the budget before planning a purchase. It also means that purchasing this type of men’s watches for men has to be done on momentous occasions in people’s lives, for example, birthday, anniversary or to mark a momentous event or an achievement.

Watches for men – Dress watches for men to choose from

Watches for men come in different styles, colors, and features. The sole function of the dress watch is to compliment a business suit or formal wear. Dress watches aren’t even that concerned with accurate timekeeping, as many don’t even have a second hand.

Watches for men – dress watches should be simple

Practically speaking, a dress watch should be properly proportioned to the wearer’s wrist. Otherwise, it will draw more attention than necessary, the one thing a dress watch should never do. Since it is worn with a suit, a dress watch must be thin enough to slip in and out of a dress shirt cuff easily. The standard rules of matching metals and leathers with shoes and belts apply as well.