Watches for Men – Automatic Watches vs Mechanical Watches

Watches for Men – Great watches for gentlemen

Before we can any valid comparison between these different types of women and men’s watches. Better know that the basic difference is their movements. Let’s find out which is a better choice for watches for men, automatic watches or quartz.


 What will be helpful is to first define what movement is. When we say “movement” in relation to timepieces. It is all about the engine inside the machine that gives it its “watch movement”. It is the mechanism inside the wristwatches that allows it to run and work. In other words, it is considered the “heart” of the piece. Herein lies the basic difference between automatic watches and quartz.

Mechanical Watches 

This type of watches for men has been around most experts would say since the very beginning of the horological world’s birth in our lives. History says that the first timepieces’ existence can be traced from as early as the 17th century. The men’s watch that we know of back then is surely very much different from how it was 2 centuries later and most especially now a day. In the past electronic mechanism is a thing that has not probably inhabited the minds of our first watchmakers.

This does not, however, mean that mechanical watches are less than their quartz counterparts. On the contrary, there is just something magnificent and awe-inspiring with a set of bolts, rod and other pieces fitting together perfectly and working equally perfect without the aid of any outside power source.

How does it work?

Since when this kind of watches for men came to be is something that no one can say for certain. What is clear though is that it has been around long before electricity, electronics, and batteries to provide the necessary energy and power for it to work came to be. This timepiece works through the engineering expertise of the one who invented the “mainspring”. A mechanical watch is one that has zero need for batteries. All that the wearer needs to do before using it in the morning is to wind it first and it’s good to go for the rest of the day. 

watches for men

Watches for Men – Automatic Watches vs Mechanical Watches 

Many in the past thought that these two types of watches for men are one and the same only, that it was called by a different name, this is not totally true. These two types of women and men’s watches have their similarities as well as their differences. They are the same in the sense that both can function quite well. Even without the help of batteries and other like power sources. On the other hand, they are however different in the way that they generate energy for their mechanism to work. In the case of mechanical watches winding regularly or at least before it is used is necessary; while for automatic watches “self-winding” is the way. 

Watches for Men – Automatic Watches

The Self- winding mechanism of an automatic watches function through the response of the latter to the movement of the wearer’s wrist or arm. As the owner moves the machine inside the timepiece causes it to wind. No regular winding is necessary if the watch is worn on a daily basis.


Finally, quartz is the same as the same in terms of their display face. On the other hand, the marked difference between it and the first two types is that it requires batteries to supply the power to make the machine move and work.

So, which will it be for you?

Watches for Men – Automatic Watches or Mechanical Watches

People have different choices for getting a new watch. Some might want automatic watches or mechanical watches. That would depend on its features and reasons why they want to possess a new timepiece. Moreover, these two watches are recommendable to watch wearers.

Men’s watches are available in the market today. So, better check on these lists of watches for men now!