Watches for men – A guide to finding the perfect men’s watch

Watches for menWhich watch should you buy?

For men choosing the right watches for men can be a bit challenging. With so many styles and brands to choose from, the simple act of shopping for watches for men can get overwhelming and stressful. That is why we prepared this simple buying guide to help you select the right timepiece that will reflect represent your personality and complement your style.

Watches for menSimple watch buying guide for men

Watches for men – Simple watch buying guide for men

Have you ever wondered what the perfect watch is for you? Maybe you have been wondering which watch to buy and how you can choose if it is the right one for you. Here are 5 helpful watch buying guide and tips to finding the perfect watches for men.

Watches for men tip #1Make a list of the things you want from your men’s watch

To make the search easier and narrow down your choices to only the things you want from a watch is to list down all the things you need from a watch, should your watch have an alarm, reminder, stopwatch, should it be analog or digital. How about the water-resistant or waterproof as well as scratch-proof factors? Would you like a minimalist or advanced design? Do you want to be able to change the straps on your watch, or would you rather have one watch with a leather watch strap and another watch with a rubber?

All these questions to your self are important to consider, this is so that you know what you should look for in a watch. You can easily get lost in watches for men category since there are numerous options online and offline as well.

Watches for men tip #2Avoid impulse buying

If this is your first buying watches for men, it is best to choose a timepiece that features a classy and minimalist design, this kind of men’s watches offer versatility. They can be worn on any situation or event and would complement any outfit you have. Avoid impulse buying, the more you search for watches, the more choices you are offered. If you are not ready yet to spend money on buying several watches for different occasions and events, then buying a classy and minimalist watches will you the most out of your money, as this type of watches can be used anywhere and anytime.

Watches for men tip #3 Consider your budget

There are so many watches for men out there as well as watch brands to choose from. Some are affordable while others will shock you with their price tags. Remember, getting a nice wristwatch that will reflect your personality and complement your style should not hurt your wallet. Make sure to consider your budget. Any timepiece that is beyond $500 should be viewed as an investment toward improving your personal branding and possibly considered as an heirloom. Expensive or luxury watches should be purchased from reputable and premium brands that will ensure you high-quality, great style watches that will last for years even decades.

Watches for men tip #4 – Consider the watch size

When it comes to selecting watches, there is one thing you always need to keep in mind; the watch size. Proportion is the key to selecting a watch that will complement your style and not look weird on your wrist. Don’t go for an over-sized watch just to show off your watch on your wrist, also don’t go for the smaller watch, which will end up looking too clumsy and small for your wrist. Consider the size of the wrist when choosing the perfect watch. If you are a big man with a bold and masculine wrist, then a big watch face is best suited for you. On the other hand, if you are a small guy with a small wrist, then go after men’s watches with small or thin dials. As a general rule, select watches for men with face diameters between 34mm – 50mm, it is unnecessary to go beyond 50mm and look clumsy with it.

Watches for men tip #5 – Consider the watch style you want

Again watches for men is a wide category, there is a whole bunch of styles of watches for men on the market. You can take a pick from military watches, dive watches, sports watches, dress watches, pilot watches, field watches, fashion watches, luxury watches, and many more. When choosing the watch style of watches for men, it is important that you consider your lifestyle to know which watch style is best suited for you. Are you engaged in sports and water activities, then it is best to choose a sport to watch with the right waterproof level and scratch-proof material. If you are likely to have more business meetings than outdoor activities, then choose a dress watch that will complement and be the highlight of your business attire. Never wear a bulky sports watch to a business meeting wearing a suit and tie, you would look unprofessional and out of style. Consider your wardrobe as well when choosing watches for men.

Watches for men –  should you buy an expensive watch?

Finding the perfect watches for men can truly be an overwhelming task. But there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on a watch. Educate yourself more on the watches for men category, which is best suited for you. Of course, there is no 1 perfect watch for every man, it all depends on personal preferences, lifestyle and life status. If you are considering to purchase luxury watches for men, then go for reputable brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, and Cartier. This will ensure you the value of the watch even years of use will not decrease.