Watch straps review and buying guide – maintenance

Watch straps for men and women

Wristwatches for men and women we must bear in mind is not just for keeping time. These accessories though at present times already have a multitude of purposes, are not just functional but are fashionable as well. For the men, in particular, watches often are the only accessory they end up using.

Watch straps – why the straps are essential to the overall look

An important part of wristwatches for men and women is their straps. This portion in most situations can either complete or destroy the look or desired effect.  The options for watch straps are numerous. From a tough to formal steel watch band look to a rally strap for a more casual look.  What many are not aware of is that with the right choice in strap or bracelet, men or women’s watch can appear brand new.

Watch straps – here is the fine collection of wristwatch straps to choose from

Watch straps choice #1

1.  Classic leather

Wristwatch straps choice #1

For those who want to go safe and classic the popular choice has always been the leather bands. This type of band or strap never fails to give a distinguished look to any wristwatches for men or women it is paired with. It is best for almost any occasion from something casual to a more formal dress watches.  They also come in varied colors, but the most popular ones are black, tan, brown and dark brown. These types are also in variation, from the snake, crocodile to ostrich leathers. 

Watch straps choice # 2

2.  Contrast stitching

Wristwatch straps choice # 2

This kind of watch band is nice as it is enhanced by added details of contrast stitching that effectively produce an eye-catching effect. The effect comes from the contrast in color between the watch band and the stitching. This kind of style is often favored by the younger set as well those who are more outgoing and sporty. 

Watch straps choice # 3

3.  Double Ridge Strap

Wristwatch straps choice # 3

If you want texture and detail to accentuate your men and women’s watch then go for the double ridge strap.  adds some extra texture to the leather watch band. The double ridge strap has a subtle detail effect with its double ridge look. Subtle and yet the look can go a long way. 

Watch straps choice # 4

4.The Rally strap

Wristwatch straps choice # 4

This type of design is often paired with leather as its material. It is distinct because of it’s three big holes in the two parts of the strap. This look is inspired by the ’60s and 70’s motorsport era. It was during those years that the seats in race cars were perforated to better dissipate the heat inside the vehicle, hence the perforation on the watch’s strap as well. 

Watch straps choice # 5

5.  Perforated straps

 Wristwatch straps choice # 5

A perforation of leather is the cutting of holes into the surface at regular intervals. Through the perforation, little leather pieces are punched out and removed. The disadvantage of surface coloration is the reduced breathability of the leather. Due to the perforation, the air permeability of the leather is noticeably increased and sweating in the contact area is significantly reduced.

Watch straps – a strap perfect for sports

Another one which comes from the same inspiration of the Rally strap. This is just the best pair for any sports watch for men and women. It looks comfortable and feels that as well.