Watch bezels review- Advantages and Disadvantages

Watch bezels – Which is better, ceramic bezels or steel bezels?

Many popular brands for luxury watches for men and women have made moves towards paying more homage to traditional sporty timepieces. Watch wearers are choosing between the watch bezels ceramic bezels and steel bezels. So also, Rolex a trusted name in the horological industry in recent years can be observed to be making many changes, one of which is the switch from stainless steel to ceramic made bezels. The first to exhibit the change is the GMT-Master II, followed by the Submariner types and then by the Deep Sea-Dweller. Then, the fans of the brand were shocked by the change.  

watch bezels ceramic bezels

Watch bezels – Advantages of Ceramic Bezels

For more than a decade ago, Rolex released its statement alternative material for watch bezels and patented a type of ceramic alloy which they named “Cerachrom”. This name is a combination of two words,  “cera”  from the word ceramic and “chrom” from the Latin word which means “color”, hence the name “Cerachrom”. This material initially launched on an 18k yellow gold; history tells as though that it did not remain in that color or just stayed with any single color but have even been released in bicolor products.

Watch bezels – Brands with watch bezels

  • Rolex Daytona 11650
  • Submariners’ 
  • Yacht-Masters’
  • Daytona’s’
  • GMT-Master II model in 2005
  • GMT-Master II model, ref. 16718LN

Watch bezels – Reasons why Rolex chose ceramic bezels

  • Extremely durable and stronger
  • High capacity to resist scratch, to the extent of being nearly imperishable
  • Provides exceptional longevity to each piece
  • Great aesthetic value and shine that eclipses some of the more traditional bezel types

Watch bezels – Disadvantages of Ceramic Bezels

Even with the many outlined plus factors for utilizing ceramic bezels for men or women’s watches, they also have their share of drawbacks.

  • Rumors about ceramic bezels being vulnerable to strong forces; like one caused by dropping or getting a bang to something hard
  • Not likely to be used on the popular traditional bezel style like “Pepsi” and “Coke” GMT
  • More difficult to come by
  • Expensive 

Watch bezels – How to Choose the Perfect Bezel Material?

Should you go for stainless, ceramic or aluminum?
these three are the leading choices for Rolex and other like luxury watchmaking brands. This is particularly so for those going from either vintage or contemporary feels in their choice for men’s watches

Watch bezels – other types of watch bezels

Aluminum Bezels

It was around the mid of the 1950s that the brand once again launches another set of the bezel to the market; this time using aluminum, instead of their usual Bakelite. 


  • Observed to be more durable than the Bakelite, lesser tendency to crack


  • More reactive to extended exposure to sunlight ( color tends to fade more with it). Also, making it a good choice for those who want to add a vintage appeal to their men or    women’s watch

Stainless Steel Bezels

For fans of the more streamlined look on their timepieces. 


  • Shatterproof
  • Not as reactive to element exposure


  • Prone to scratching 


Each type of material, as can be seen, have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. This being said, it will now be in the hands of the prospective wearers to decide on what imperfections can live with more or less. Moreover, individuals choose ceramic bezels rather than other kinds of bezels.

Watch bezels – Few dive watches are made of ceramic bezels.

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