Watch Bands Review: Get the Strap that You Need

Watch Bands – watch straps that are suitable to your timepiece

So much information and choices are there when it comes to watches for men and women. The variables in choosing the right watch bands for you are just too many. One of these is the kind of strap or band to get. Getting the right kind of strap or band for your watch is just as important as getting the watch itself. They are part of a set and yet not much thought was given to them. There are types of watch bands that can match to your watch.

Who would have thought that there are also so many to pick from? Know which one suits your needs the most.

Types of Watch Bands:

watch bands

Watch Bands – 1. Zulu

A larger and wider version of NATO straps. Made from either nylon or leather. It’s the type of band that would best large men’s watches. Type of band that was first trademarked by Maratac.

Watch Bands – 2. NATO or G10

As it was originally known when launched in the market. Its initial purpose was for the use of British Army soldiers. A unique feature of this strap is that it’s a single-piece construction. Meaning these straps can easily be put in and removed since they are just woven underneath the spring bars.

Watch Bands – 3. Rally

Those who love racing would enjoy these straps. The idea for Rally comes from old racing gloves. Its signature look comprises of 3 or more holes punched on below the lugs.

Watch Bands – 4. Jubilee

They started manufacturing this band in 1945 for Rolex Datejust. Great bracelet for dress watches for men during those times up to now. Known for having 3 narrow links find between thick matte side links.

Watch Bands – 5. Engineer

If you want them big then is the bracelet for you. It was formed with links that are cut in a pseudo-hexagonal pattern. Also, give its angular and unique shape. Suspected to have started with Seiko, this is just the companion your diving watch may be looking for.

Watch Bands – 6. President

Another strap that started through Rolex. This one accompanied the latter’s Day-Date in 1956. It got the name because the company offers its 150,000th chronometer to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Watch Bands – 7. Oyster

One more strap made famous because of Rolex. Debuted in 1930, is just one of those classic pieces that never go out of style. Men’s watches that foster this type of bracelet just looks so manly and elegant at the same time. Characterized by long thick 3-piece link design, it’s just hard to go wrong with this link.

Watch Bands – 8. Aviator/ Pilot

I guess the name says it all. Initially designed for aviator watches. This model was made famous in World War II by the German air force.

Watch Bands – 9. Shark Mesh

It has nothing to do with the sea creature, and everything to do with the dive watch launched by Omega the Ploprof 600. Made for endurance and strength, this was initially intended for professional, heavy-duty underwater use.

Watch Bands – 10. Bund

Somewhat similar to the aviator bracelets as they were also designed for the German pilots in World War II. Similar but not quite the same as this strap has a special feature. In case of accidents with fire, the Bund is made with a layer of padding beneath the base that serves to protect the wrist from scalding.

Watch Bands

Watch wearers are looking for watch bands that would match their outfit of the day. Perhaps, they might consider the different colors, designs, and types of watch straps. So also, it may also depend on the season in which they prefer rubber straps over leather straps during summer. Better read these watch straps reviews, then pick the right one for your watch.