A wristwatch is like a pair of shoes or wallet, it not the only a functional item to help you tell time. They are also important accessories to help you enhance your style. A wristwatch can help you show off your status in life. The market for casual watches for men is very significant. Basically, whatever you need in the name of wristwatches for men, you would be able to find it. May it be sports watches, luxury watches for men, dive watches, casual watches, or dress watches? You name the style and the internet has it. However, if you are not sure what to look for in a watch, it can be challenging and complicated to search online and at the store for which wristwatch best suited for you and your style.

Wristwatches fall into different price ranges, they also have different materials, designs, and functions. And to know which one you will need, will narrow down your choices, also there are lots of things that you need to consider before you search for casual watches. In this article, we will help you get through with a simple buying guide.


Choosing the best casual watch is not a simple task. Everybody has different needs and the best choice for you is what you feel most comfortable with. Hence, you need to ask these few questions to yourself:


A wristwatch is a masterpiece consisting of many different parts. The case, the dial, the dial shape, the hands, the straps, and the color, and so much more. Being able to determine the styles of the wristwatch that you want to buy would help to narrow down your search a great deal.

  • Shape of the dial – the dial can be round, square, or rectangle. They are the most common shapes and the choices of which shape depends solely on your personal preference. For casual watches, there are no rules on which color you should choose unlike dress watches, which should be simple and preferably with leather watch straps.
  • Color – There are lots of colors that you can choose from, from the color of the watch face, watch straps, and hands. The most common colors are black, silver, brown, and blue, for casual watches for men. For women the color palette is wider, for instance, pink, yellow, orange, and whatever you can think of. This because they need more colors to match their outfit and other accessories.
  • Straps – For casual watches, the most common straps used are either rubber, Nylon, NATO, or Perlon, due to its water-resistant, durability, and it is breathable perfect for everyday use, and for physical activities.


You need to pay attention to the diameter of the case. A small watch would have a case of less than 40mm in diameter. On the other hand, a big watch would have a case of more than 40 mm in diameter. Many people prefer big watches because they think big casual watches are trendy and fashionable. However, do not go for a watch which is way top bug than the size of your wrist. You would look like you are trying too hard, instead of creating a stronger impression.


Wristwatches of different ranges are made from different materials. Really expensive casual watches can be made from gold or silver. More reasonable casual watches are made from stainless steel. And even stainless steel material has different types of different qualities as well.

High-quality stainless steel would look bright and shiny. It is also highly scratch-resistant and rust-resistant.

And another popular material you can choose for your casual watch is titanium. Titanium is tested to be stronger and lighter than stainless steel, however, a lot more expensive. The main problem with this type of material is that watches are made from titanium are available in the color of grey only.

Besides the materials of the case, you should also pay attention to the materials of the straps. The three most common materials for a watch strap are leather, metal, and rubber. The leather watchband is the most expensive of all 3 but it is soft and smooth. The second which is metal is a little bit heavier but it is also sturdy and long-lasting. The rubber material is the cheapest. However, it is mostly used in sports watches and smartwatches. Because it is breathable, durable, and waterproof.

Keep in mind that some material would not go together. You will not find a watch with a rubber strap and a gold case. The gold is expensive and luxurious while the rubber is very casual and informal.


If you need a watch just to tell time, you should only choose ones with simple functions such as analog time and calendar is enough. Go for a dress watch if this is the case. Other functions will make the watch more expensive and even more difficult for you to use.

However, if you need to find a sports watch, you might also look for other functions such as the stopwatch or the alarm. Or in case you often have to travel between two or more time zones, a wristwatch with functions to show different time zones will be convenient.

Some people also consider the features of the display of time or moon week are essential. You need to think about the unique needs carefully before you choose the wristwatch with all of the features that you need. Another feature of the wristwatch that you need to pay attention to is the level of water resistance. This ability is denoted in the form of x ATM, which is short for the atmosphere. X is equal to 10m. So if you see a watch which is 5 ATM, it means that the watch can be water-resistant of up to 40 meters. Normally, if a wristwatch is 1 ATM, you can take a shower with it. If a watch is 10 ATM, you can swim while wearing the wristwatch. And when it is 50 ATM, this is basically a diving watch.


Another thing you need to consider when choosing casual watches is your budget, a luxury watch can cost from $1000 to even hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, some high-quality casual watches can only cost you a few hundreds.

Luxury watches are accessories to show off your social status. If your budget is not as high as purchasing a luxury watch, there are still lots of casual watches out there at your price range. Here are a few of them:


Casual watches for men #1 – MVMT Gunmetal Chrono

Casual watches for men #1 -  MVMT Gunmetal Chrono

MVMT is one of our favorite watch brands. The startup brand is only a few years old but has already sold over 500,000 timepieces. They keep prices affordable by selling directly to consumers and cutting out middlemen. I have seen the gunmetal Chrono a lot as part of people’s office wear or everyday wear. The simplicity that MVMT Gunmetal Chrono, is what makes the watch so suitable for every outfit.

Casual watches for men #2– Timex Weekender

Casual watches for men #2– Timex Weekender

It is no surprise that the Timex Weekender is a classic watch for those with a budget. The Weekender comes in quite a few styles and sizes, but it is the timeless leather or NATO strap with a clean face that people absolutely love. This watch goes almost any kind of outfit, with an easy to replace band, 30m water-resistance, and it is made in the USA. A rarity these days indeed. Especially with the influx of all those Chinese watches on the market.

Casual watches for men #3– Fossil Minimalist Black Dial Brown Leather FS5305

Casual watches  for men #3–  Fossil Minimalist Black Dial Brown Leather FS5305

Fossil is another trusted name in the world of watches, known for its consistency and durability. This stainless steel watch and strap combination will give a little weight to your wrist.

Casual watches for men #4– KOMONO Magnus Unisex KOM-W1900

Casual watches for men #4– KOMONO Magnus Unisex KOM-W1900

This Komono piece might also be one of our favorite of casual watches on the list in terms of looks. It is extremely clean and the brown leather strap, blackface, and bright markers all complement each other for a nice desert aesthetic.

Casual watches for men #5– Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield 0107DW

Casual watches for men #5– Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is an easy choice for anyone unsure of what they are looking for in casual watches. Daniel Wellington is perfect for those looking for more versatile design, yet casual. One of the best aspects of the brand is that it provides the wearer with a sophisticated timepiece at a price that is attainable for regular, working human beings.

Casual watches – practicality over the accessory

A watch is an essential accessory that no man is complete without. An item you wear practically every day, your watch is like an extension of yourself and as such, must be a perfect fit for your personality. When it is time to choose a new timepiece you should, of course, be on the lookout for something stylish and functional, but you should also seek something that represents your personality. Casual watches can be dressy, fancy, or simple, that suits your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Whether you are outdoorsy type, a thrill-seeker or love a bit of luxury, your perfect watch will match your personality.