Top European Watch Brands – Choose the right watch for you

For women no matter where they are in the world, wristwatches are not just for giving the time they are as a matter of fact considered a vital part of their outfit. Top European watch brands are popular nowadays because it has unique designs and durable. The importance of women’s watches goes beyond their practicality. Which is why even when they will surely see the time from their computer, the wall and yes, their handy phones the ladies still feel naked without a wristwatch to complete their repertoire.

What women like in their timepieces:

  • Classy– Modern and updated in style, but at the same time carries a look that won’t go off style. Adds to the ladies’ timeless appeal.
  • Stylish– Depending on the age of the wearer, women like them simple and yet chic. 
  • Compliments– Wearable, but at the same gives the ensemble something extra. It makes them feel extra pretty. 

Wristwatch for women is an accessory many cannot do without. This is why it would be helpful to know what the brands and models are of women’s watches that made it to the pick. Here they go!

top European watch brands

Top European Watch Brands 1.Chopard (Happy Diamonds)

What daughter of Eve would not want a Happy Diamonds in their collection of women’s watches?   The one of kind and truly iconic appeal of this Swiss luxury watch is simple just heart-stopping.

Top European Watch Brands2.Rolex(Lady-Datejust 28) with Ice Blue Dial and Platinum Strap

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, is that just how it will be when you see this cool classic piece by Rolex. Made from no less than quality 950 platinum and cool as ice blue dial bezel with diamond embellishments. 

Top European Watch Brands3.Patek (Gondolo)

Everyone knows how a Patek watch could cost more than a year’s salary for many. But if having just one of the women’s watches is just a priceless experience. Especially one as elegant, beautiful and classy as the Gondolo women’s watch in rose gold.

Top European Watch Brands4.  Omega (De Ville Tresor Quartz)

A fusion of conservative and modern look with its stainless diamond-set bezel and blue leather strap. Admired for their well-crafted pieces they have proven time and again the reliability of their brand where wristwatches for women are a concern. Leading the watch industry since 1894.

Top European Watch Brands5.Montara (Rose Gold Quartz) with black leather strap

You cannot go wrong with this Danish quality brand for women’s watches.  Considered topnotch of the highest quality and reasonable price at that. A combination of style and simple elegance that is suitable for any type of woman. Just another hit from the Montara collection that I am sure all the ladies would love to include in their collection as well.

Top European Watch Brands6.Cartier (Ballon Bleu De W69011Z4) stainless steel

Yet another slum dank by these much-loved names in men and women’s watches.   Perfect even for everyday wear. 

Top European Watch Brands7. Rado (Hyperchrome)

Whether you wear this watch for men on a special occasion or on a daily basis, one thing is for sure with this on your wrist stylish is a word that will never be far away from you.

Top European Watch Brands are..

Top European watch brands are everyone’s choice because it’s proof of the quality that was used by the watch companies. So also, Asian people choose the European watches even if it’s pricey for they know that it’s worth buying for.