Men’s watches – Top 10 European Men’s Watches review

Men’s watches – introduction

Buying a watch today can be a bewildering experience. Not only are there so many timepieces to choose from, but there are also many types of watches for men with costs ranging from a dollar to the price of a new house. So which to buy?

Men’s watches – the top choices

Open any catalog, visit any shopping website, step into any jewelry shop, and you’ll be presented with a bewildering variety of men’s watches. Big ones, small ones, dull black ones, shiny steel ones, bright orange ones – there have never been so many watches for men to choose from. And it isn’t just different brands or models. It seems as if yearly someone comes up with a new type of watch. Are you a golfer? There’s a watch for you. A cyclist? Here you go. Like running? You’re covered. No wonder looking for a new watch can be so daunting.

Men’s watches – Rolex Yacht-Master

Men's watches - Rolex Yacht-Master
  • Rolex Yacht-Master  – the completion of any men’s watch collection is an inclusion from this brand. This particular model is one of its finest works. Great diving companion with a 40 mm diameter case dial. Go diving in style with this Oystersteel and platinum sports watch.  

Men’s watches – Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Men's watches - Patek Philippe Aquanaut
  • Patek Philippe Aquanaut  – it has been making waves since its launch in 1997. A unique timepiece with its rounded octagon case. This Nautilus inspired piece made more special because of its Tropical strap that would have been ordinary, if it had not been made from ultra-resistant to wear, UV radiation and saltwater composite material.  They constantly change the landscape of men’s watches.

Men’s watchesGlashütte Original Senator Excellence

Men's watches -  Glashütte Original Senator Excellence
  • Glashütte Original Senator Excellence – it has caused a lot of excitement since its unveiling and introduction to the market in 2016. Any of its full collection of men’s watches is a testimony to great watchmaking skills matched with quality and high-performance pieces.

Men’s watches – Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Men's watches -  Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch
  • Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch – from the time the company was launched way back in 1894, it has been a trail of great work after another for this brand. This 42 mm professional chronograph is just another favorite from this line. A sleek and powerful timepiece that anyone would happily want to have around their wrist.

Men’s watchesZenith Chronomaster

Men's watches -  Zenith Chronomaster
  • Zenith Chronomaster – a master in watchmaking since 1865. They were not joking when they said that they were the future of Swiss watchmaking. Being around after more than a century gives credibility and testimony to the work that the brand does for the industry. Their latest collection which includes the Chronomaster is showing great Swiss watchmaking skills and ingenuity. 

Men’s watchesSinn 103 St Acrylic Matte Special Edition

Men's watches -  Sinn 103 St Acrylic Matte Special Edition
  • Sinn 103 St Acrylic Matte Special Edition – Tagged as one of Germany’s top-secret, the brand has continuously contributed magnificent men’s watches to the world. This piece, for example, is quite sought after their launch, unfortunately only a few were released to the market as part of the limited collection. Fits fine with its 41 mm case diameter, the thickness of 15.5 mm stainless steel, with a solid back.

Men’s watchesNomos Glashutte

Men's watches -  Nomos Glashutte
  • Nomos Glashutte –  being able to receive 6 good design awards, the latest of which is from Autobahn is proof enough of the wonderful work this German brand is doing for the watchmaking industry.

Men’s watches – Breguet La Marine 5517

men's watches Breguet La Marine 5517
  • Breguet La Marine 5517–  This Parisian brand once again awed the horological community with their Marine collection. Stunningly made timepieces that anyone would be honored to have in their possession.

Men’s watchesEducate yourself on classic watches

Men’s watches – when it comes to watches for men you have to go out there and learn more about watches. There is a whole industry built around horology – the science of making timepieces.
For centuries – watchmakers have honed their craft to create complicated pieces of machinery that are built to outlive the person wearing them. There is enough information on commercially available men’s watches in forums created by watch-lovers. Numerous websites and blogs offer the latest news on wristwatch designs. You can even browse through brand-specific websites to compare what makes these men’s watches tick – Rolex, Breitling, Seiko, Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe.