Tips, guide, and review on affordable and luxury watches

what to look for in affordable and luxury watches

Obtaining a perfect watch is not as easy as making an apple pie. Because it needs a lot of time and effort just to own the right timepiece. Wristwatches are now part of our daily necessities in terms of having a stylish get up before going somewhere or attending a special occasion. Because of the internet, we can nowadays find online watch stores that sell quality timepieces. Also, fits your character as well as your finances.  These are the things to consider in choosing either affordable or luxury watches.

wristwatches for men guidelines

choosing a watch according to your style

Most importantly, purchase a watch that you like! A watch will be something that you generally keep around you day in day out. So, it’s essential that you pick one that you like. You will lament getting it and simply put it inside your bureau. Look in the feature at the watch in these areas: dial color, dial designs, markers and hands shape, solid case back engraving, decoration on movement, case construction. So also the shape, dial window crystal shape, bezel design, and weight.

watch size is very important

Another critical aspect is the size of your watch. Never at any point purchase a watch greater than your wrist. Additionally, dependably wear one that accommodates your wrist. It’s a pattern these days to have an exceptionally huge watch, watches up to 46 mm in width (barring crown).

watch sizing matters

There are three important considerations when purchasing a watch: price, style, and size. As with rings, size is arguably the one that matters most. By size, it’s not just about the width and length of the strap but also how wide the face or case of the watch is. There’s also the thickness of both the case and the bracelet to think about. How well the watch will look good on you will depend on the proportions of these elements.

All affordable and luxury watches may essentially serve the same function – telling time – but each one will look differently on you and your wrist. There are watch sizes that are better suited for women than men. There will be watch sizes that are too big for people with slender wrists or too small for those with fuller forearms. There are also watch sizes that match the current trend or go completely against it. Naturally, personal preference will reign supreme over other considerations, but it’s very important for watch buyers to be well-informed of what their choices are in terms of watch sizes and how they are supposed to size a watch accurately. Proper watch sizing research is essential before you consider buying a watch.

choose the strap according to your activities

Wristwatches for men - choose the strap according to your activities

Steel wrist trinket is the heaviest of all while Nato and elastic is the lightest. In any case, leather is the most attractive and looks rich. The straps will come in numerous hues and structures and you ought to dependably pick one that supplements your watch the best. A dark watch will run well with a dark lash – that is the most conventional blend.

never go beyond your budget

Affordable and Luxury watches both come in different styles, features, and straps, like all other items, the prices on watches for men also depends on the brand, like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Seiko and many other luxury watches for men that are leading the watch market. It does not mean, that you cannot get a suitable watch under your budget, maybe it will not be a Rolex this time, but finding a watch that suits your budget is possible, all you have to consider is what you need a watch for, is it for your daily wear, business wear, sports activity and so on. Consider all the factors first why you need a watch and this way you can narrow down your choices.

Here is a list of wristwatches for men, affordable and luxury watches to choose from.

#1 Blancpain Le Brassus Platinum One Minute Flying Carrousel

affordable and luxury watches Blancpain Le Brassus Platinum One Minute Flying Carrousel

Silver-tone platinum case with a black leather strap. Fixed silver-tone platinum bezel. Silver skeleton dial with silver-tone skeleton hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim.

#2 – Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref. 5170P-001

affordable and luxury watches Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref. 5170P-001

Where dress chronograph is concerned, few in the modern era are more distinguished than the Patek Philippe Ref. 5170. The Ref. 5170 is somewhat of an icon in itself and is a fine example of what Patek Philippe does best timeless timepieces.

#3 – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue

Affordable and luxury watches Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue

Despite the $12,400 price, dealers bombarded with orders on the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue from the moment it was announced, demand was unlike anything we have ever seen. There was just one problem though, Daytonas are scarce.

#4 Our top choice of affordable watch – Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time

affordable and luxury watches

One of the most well-known dress watch in the watch community, the Seiko SARB065 or Cocktail Time as its nickname is a watch that will draw attention. At first glance, it is a clean, classic dress watch. However, when you take a closer look you see the magnificent guilloche sunburst dial which radiates out from the center of the watch. In the image, it appears blue, but in reality, it is silver in color.