The top 3 smartwatches for women and a complete buying guide

The complete buying guide to smartwatches for women

Considering there are plenty of smartwatches for women on the market, there is no telling which one is best one to get for yourself. Smartwatches for women are more just an accessory, it is packed full of features that are usually very useful for our everyday life. May your life be filled with business meetings, or simply just a busy everyday schedule with your fitness, work, and house chores. A smartwatch can surely help you remind you of what is most important in your life today.

In this article, we will cover the most essential parts of a smartwatch, how you choose which is best for your lifestyle.

Buying guide #1 – Choose the features that you need

When you choose a smartwatch it is mainly because you are either into fitness or your schedule is so hectic that you need a reminder every now and then. SO, the best thing to do when considering to buy a smartwatch is to look at the lifestyle that you have. What features you will need from a smartwatch. For instance, do you need a daily reminder for fitness, do you need to track your walk, run or swimming? Do you just need a smartwatch to forward your notifications to while you are in a business meeting, a reminder for all your important appointments? Then you should take a look at different types of a smartwatch that will fit your needs in terms of your daily activities.

Buying guide #2 – Choose one with a long battery life

Smartwatches rely on batteries, smartwatches for women usually are chargeable using a USB cable, some have long battery life, some has to be charged after a long day. All these also depend on what the smartwatch offers, such as apps, notifications, GPS, 4G and what not. These things are extra features that will wear out your battery, so look for a smartwatch that can handle everything you want it to do.

Buying guide #3 -Check the compatibility with your smartphone

When choosing a smartwatch, it is really important that you choose which one is compatible with your smartphone, this way you can take full advantage of your smartwatch.

Buying guide #4 – The design is always important for women

Of course, women looking for classy, elegant, and sophisticated smartwatches for women, there is no denying that the design plays a big role here. There are different kinds of smartwatches and there are smartwatches that have an awful design, to say the least. Make sure to choose smartwatches for women that will fit with the rest of your wardrobe and that can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit.

The features you need to consider when considering smartwatches for women

Aside from the convenience, it brings to your everyday activities, there are more reasons to buy smartwatches for women especially in today’s fast pace of life. Take a look at this:

  • Smartwatches do not just tell the time.

A smartwatch does not only tell the time or to express fashion, but it also has all the basic features such as calendar, alarm, calculator and even as a cellphone. A good smartwatch is great on a woman’s wrist. Enjoy its features without holding a smartphone all the time.

  • Smartwatches are a good travel partner.

Just right on a woman’s writ, smart watches for women are a good partner when you travel. A smartwatch gives vibrations to your wrist to tell you the right direction of your destination. Instead of looking at your smartphone, you will be able to follow a guide to inform you where to go. With this, you will enjoy more the scenery of the places you’re passing through.

  • Smartwatches help you find missing devices.

You may sometimes wish that all things could be like a cellphone that you can just make a call if it’s missing. A smartwatch has a “Find Phone” feature that you can connect to your phone or any device that you may want to ring them whenever you want.

  • Smartwatches work as a fitness tracker.

Most smartwatches for women have fitness tracking as a major feature. A smartwatch helps you with your fitness goals just like a pedometer. Smartwatch with fitness tracking feature can count steps, distance, calories. Heart rate, pulse rate, and sleep.

  • Smartwatches instantly reply to messages and receive calls.

Wearing a smartwatch on your wrist means you no longer need to bring your smartphones out of your pouch. One feature of a smartwatch is replying to instant messages and receives calls. You definitely need this feature especially when you are at a place where bringing a smartphone makes you uncomfortable and are prohibited.

  • Smartwatches tell you social media notifications.

For some people who run a business, have long-distance families, celebrities, and others, this is a must-have function. Some smartwatches for women show you messages and social media activities and others also allow you to interact with the applications. This feature, however, is recommended when you are running out of something only and not as a regular mean of interacting with people.

  • Smartwatches can make you connected while doing other activities.

You might want to check your messages, calls, and notifications while doing activities such as running, cycling, swimming, or any other exercises that inhibits you to bring a smartphone. Since it’s not possible to bring your smartphone with you at all times, a smartwatch is great to have.

  • Smartwatches keep you connected longer.

Smartwatches, with its long-lasting batteries, can make you still connected and respond to people who need immediate feedback from you. Smartwatches have powerful batteries that cannot be compared with a smartphone. When you are planning to go on a long trip, a smartwatch can keep you connected for 10 days on a full charge.

  • Smartwatches are entertainment on your wrist.

Yes, you can watch videos and play music on your smartwatch. The quick moments you need to check on something from YouTube or entertain yourself with good music, having a smartwatch is a great choice!

The top 3 smartwatches for women you should consider

Smartwatches for women #1 – Samsung Galaxy Active

Smartwatches for women #1 - Samsung Galaxy Active

Samsung is known for its amazing products not only smartphones but now with its incredibly smart smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is slimmer and more barebones exterior. It has a slightly smaller screen that comes in only one size with no LTE alternative, which is a sleeker body that feels lighter and lies flatter on the wrist. But is the most attractive quality is arguably its price.

Smartwatches for women #2 – Michael Kors Access Sofie Touchscreen Smartwatch

Smartwatches for women #2 - Michael Kors Access Sofie Touchscreen Smartwatch

The Michael Kors Access Sofie is a stunner of a smartwatch, combining beauty with brains, especially when paired with an Android device. It offers solid, luxurious and waterproof design, enough bling to make it stand out from the rest of Android Wear crowd, while also offering decent performance and good battery life.

Smartwatches for women #3 – Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid Smartwatch

Smartwatches for women #3 - Marc Jacobs Women's Riley Hybrid Smartwatch

A very playful smartwatch design, and it is offered in 2 models. The Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid Smartwatch is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. The Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid Smartwatch has a reliable and great battery life despite all the features it offers, it can last the day before it needs charging. The black color of Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid Smartwatch comes with colorful buttons of 3, which is perfect for the work-out outfit, and the white is perfect for casual outfits.

Smartwatches for Women – Tips Before Buying One

  • Before buying smartwatches for women, one should take these tips. Some smartwatches are pricey and it’s wise to check on some guide:
  • Always check if the smartwatch you want to buy will work with your smartphone.
  • Choose a smartwatch with a heart rate sensor and GPS if you a fitness enthusiast.
  • It is also recommended to check the rated battery life when shopping.
  • Consider an easy to swap band clasp or buckle smartwatch.
  • Selecting an app is a factor.
  • Choose a smartwatch that favors your desired design and features.

Checking on watch reviews, watch comparisons with other smartwatches, and watch the news and prices are highly advised to make your desired smartwatches for women more worth the buy.