The best 5 Luxury watches for men

a watch that makes a statement

Watches come at different designs, features, and prices. Luxury watches for men are not just a simple accessory for they are wearable works of art. Even if it’s pricey but worth buying for because it was manufactured by reputable watch companies that provided quality watches around the world. It’s unbeatable for their classy designs and precise manufacturing that makes their customers satisfied.

Elite people are willing to spend much money on their accessories like the watch so that they won’t be behind in the group they’re into. They must be upgraded with what’s new in the market and to be the first one to own such luxury watches in their group. Wearing a luxury watch can boost your confidence because you’re proud of it.

Characteristics of a luxury watch

A luxury watch shows your status in life and the timepiece too. These are the primary characteristics of a luxury watch that you must consider.

  • Brand of the luxury watch
  • Construction of a luxury watch
  • Features of a luxury watch
  • Style and complications of a luxury watch
  • Price of a luxury

The features and extras are the least important characteristics of a luxury watch. Most watches groom+style checked out are in high quality and it differs in its performance. The true value of luxury watches is appearance, brand, and price.

Luxury watches for men are exceptional in their function and material perspective so also remarkable and artistic sometimes. Here are the top men’s luxury watches to choose from.

1. Cartier 18k Rose Gold Diamond Tank Anglaise

This watch comes from the French brand Cartier that manufactures their watches in Switzerland. It is designed with a rectangular face and case. The case diameters 46 mm and made of 18 carats rose gold that has a diamond bezel. The vertical exterior is lined with two rows that have a diamond on each side of the body that runs the full length of the case. Also, the blue watch arm mechanism contains a calendar date and the gold and diamond frame that’s offset by the lovely silver lacquered face. It’s water-resistant to 100 feet and has a 5-year warranty.

2. Patek Philippe Grand Complication Platinum 5496P-001

Patek Philippe & Co. made luxury watches since 1852 and it’s the foremost luxury brand in the field. They manufactured quality watches and holds the world record for the highest-priced timepiece sold in the marketplace. This watch does not cost $11 million but offers the quality which is associated with the company’s brand. It has great features such as analog mechanical functions well, self-winding, black watch and numbering, the Secondary seconds counter at the base of the face, lovely enamel dial in a 39.5mm case, the sapphire crystal in the back of the case and a chime that has two-gongs.

3. Blancpain Le Brassus Mechanical (Hand-Winding) Watch

Blancpain has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality watches for men. The faces are transparent that shows the time-keeping mechanism in great detail. Its watch case is 18-carat gold and has a white grand feu enamel dial that provides a transparent view of the watch. The case measures 15.35 mm by 42 mm with a black leather strap or band.

4. Rolex Yachtmaster II

Luxury watches review Rolex Yacht master II

This is the best brand in luxury watches for men, recommended to newly-successful man. Rolex originally created watches using components imported from Switzerland. It’s a statement of sophisticated maleness. This watch is an accessory designed for both a powerful and successful man. The stainless-steel casing measures 44mm that incorporates gold that’s typical to Rolex watch. It’s an analog that has a blue Cerachom insert that’s made from a ceramic material. There’s 18-carat gold in the hour markers and beautiful blue watch arms.

5. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180

This is a beautiful watch that’s obviously finely crafted but incorporates a clean and simplified design that’s pleasing to the eyes. It stands out to other watches and expensive but the price is competitive to some high-end men’s luxury watches. This watch has amazing features such as self-winding analog function, rounded face design, hour markers are gold, minute markers are silver, transparent back, calendar date recorded at 6:00 position and the casing is gold.

the sophisticated accessory for men

Luxury watches for men reflect the status which means most elite people wear it because they can afford to purchase this kind of timepiece. It does not matter if it’s expensive because that’s how they show their personality and rank in society. Men’s luxury watches can be found in several reputable watch brands for they are known for producing quality watches around the globe.