Sports watches for men – list of best-rated sports watches

Sports watches for men – a real sporting performance

When it comes to improving your sporting performance, knowledge and research is the key. Elite athletes have teams of coaches and performance experts logging and analyzing their every move, for the rest of us, a sports watch is the next best thing.

And you might be surprised by how much these little wrist band marvels can do. They use technology that even elites could only have dreamed of a few decades ago. Sports watches for men can track pretty much everything from heart rate, steps, distance, training time, and much, much more.

Sports watches for men – Our top picks of sports watches for men

Here is our top pick of the best sports watches for men for tracking a variety of different activities, along with our buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision.

Sports watches for men – How to buy the best sports watch

The first questions are which sporting activity you want to track, as this will determine the core features you want. If you are a runner or a cyclist then GPS tracking is a must, while swimmers will be more concerned with waterproofing. Triathletes need a multi-sport mode to switch between their different forms of indoor workout, such as weight training and HIIT. Whatever kind of sportsperson you are, your perfect sports watch is almost certainly out there, you just have to find it, and find the best deal for it.

Sports watches for men – what to look for in a sports watch

Sports watches for men usually have apps, app support is important, check out how user-friendly the watch’s partner app is, and whether it will sync your exercise record to third-party apps like Strive, Google fit, Samsung health and many more. You might also want to look for a tracker with a built-in music player, so you can leave your phone behind while still enjoying some audio entertainment during your activity.

Remember too that not all-important statistics can be tracked from the wrist. Cyclists and triathletes, for example, might want to measure their pedaling cadence and power for this you will need a watch that can use Bluetooth or ANT+ to communicate with other monitoring devices attached to your body or bike.

Finally, the most important thing about sports watches for men is the battery life, check battery life if you are planning to use GPS. Some sports watches for men need charging on a daily basis, but the majority will get through few days of training, and the best will last you a week or two without needing to be plugged in.

Sports watches for men – should you consider smartwatches instead?

Almost all general-purpose smartwatches have some sort of fitness tracking capabilities, some indeed are just as good as dedicated sports watches for men. If you want the ability to install apps on your watch and receive detail-rich notifications for text, email, messenger, Facebook, SMS, and calls, all alongside sports tracking, there are several great options for smartwatches for men. They tend to cost more than dumber devices, however, and since they are designed to be worn all the time, you might have to charge them more often than a sports watch that you only wear while working out.

Sports watches for men – how much is expected to spend on a sports watch

Basic sports watches for men without fancy features like location tracking, will set you back between $50 to $100. If you want a decent watch with GPS to expect to pay around $100 and up, and if you can stretch your budget to $150 to $300 you will find a range of quality sports watches for men for every kind of sports. You can, of course, spend even more than that, triathletes and runners, in particular, will find some great options in the $300 to $500 bracket.

Below are the best sports watches for men in 2019, which can all be purchased from Amazon.

Sports watches for men – the best-rated sports watches for men from Amazon

Sports watches for men #1– for cyclists

Garmin Forerunner 735XT – best sports watches for men for cyclists

Sports watches for men #1– for cyclists

Read the full review of Garmin Forerunner 735XT here

Sports watches for men #2 – for runners

Polar M430 – best sports watches for men for running

Sports watches for men #2 – for runners

Read the full review of Polar M430 here

Sport watches for men #3 – the best value sports watch for men

Garmin Forerunner 35

Sport watches for men #3 – the best value sports watch for men

Read the full review of Garmin Forerunner 35 here

Sports watches for men #4 – the most discreet sports watch

Withings Steel HR

Read the full review of Withing Steel HR here

Sports watches for men #5 – the best sports smartwatch

Apple watch series 4

Sports watches for men #5 – the best sports smartwatch

The 4th revision of the Apple Watch improves upon the Series 3 with 30% larger screen, faster processor and louder speaker, but it still has all the same impressive sports credentials as its predecessor. For a start, it is one of the best swim trackers on the market, with automatic stroke recognition and lap counting. And if you opt for the cellular version, you can completely untether yourself from your phone while training, stream music, take calls, or just use the built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor to record your workout without worrying about the rest of the world.

Alongside the great built-in fitness features, the Apple Watch also supports all your favorite tracking apps, Strave, Runkeeper, Cyclemeter are all here, along with hundreds of other workout apps. The only down-side apart from the expensive price tag is that as with most men’s smartwatches you have to charge it every night.

Sports watches for men – choose according to your activities

Don’t forget to compare each sport watch, and choose according to your activities, that is where you start. Sports watches for men come in many different styles, features, waterproof/water-resistant levels, make sure that you choose sports to watch that will become your companion during your activities.