Buying guide and review to smartwatches for men

Buying guide to smartwatches for men

Dozens of companies are manufacturing smartwatches such as Apple, Fitbit, Tag Heuer, and Fossil. It delivers notifications, apps and more in which you wear on your wrist. The designs and features differ from each other but still, it can help save time and keep better tabs for your fitness. Numerous men’s smartwatches have built-in fitness features like GPS and heart rate sensor. Just like Fitbit Versa because it’s marketed as a health-focused device instead of smartphone replacement. Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 worked independently on a mobile phone but some are designed as a companion device. Here is some quick guide for you on which smartwatches for men are best for your wrist.

Important things to consider before purchasing smartwatches for men:

Buying guide to smartwatches for men #1 – Check connectivity and compatibility with your smartphone

Do not purchase smartwatches for men without checking if it will work with your smartphone. Take note that Apple Watches will only work with iPhones. Samsung’s Tizen watches and Google’s Wear OS platform will work with iPhones and Android but with few features compared to using an Android device.

Buying guide to smartwatches for men #2 – Check the features if it has everything you need from a smartwatch

Depending on your lifestyle get a smartwatch with features that you need. Pay attention to integrating activity-monitoring functions. Some smartwatches depend on your smartphone for activity tracking. If you plan to use a smartwatch primarily for working out, you may want to consider fitness trackers with smartwatch-like features, such as the Fitbit Versa or the Garmin Vivoactive 3, both of which will let you change the face and read notifications.

Most smartwatches have a heart rate monitor built-in, but we have not found one that is as reliable as the FitBit Charge 2 and Apple Watch for most accurate.

Buying guide to smartwatches for men #3 – Design and personalization

The more designs and personalization a smartwatch offer the better. Personalization does not only mean changing the watch face or interface design, but apps to you can also download or the features you can turn on and off. But it also means that you can personalize the straps as well.

Most smartwatches today offer plenty of customization options before purchase. For instance, you can pick the brand color and material, as well as face color, finish, and size.

Smartwatches for men buying guide

#1 Device Compatibility

Android and iOS compatibility

The device compatibility is necessary because most men’s smartwatches are designed to be a companion to your smartphone. Like for example, Gear Sport and Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S3 will work with the multiple Android handsets so also with the iPhones. However, it’s easier to use those timepieces with an Android device especially Samsung.

Fitbit Versa works both Android devices and iPhones. Android phones can quickly reply to incoming text messages.

Google Wear OS

Google’s Wear OS smartwatch operating system usually runs on watches from Huawei, LG, Samsung and more with Android 4.3 so also with higher smartphones. It’s easy to check if your smartphone is compatible, go to from the browser of your smartphone. A few Wear OS watches will work with iPhone but several features such as connecting the timepiece directly to Wi-Fi and adding apps may not be available in the watch will be linked to the iOS device.

Android Wear 2.0

The Android Wear 2.0 has brought a slew of the new features to smartwatches that include advanced fitness-tracking features, support for Google Assistant and the ability that it can install apps directly on the watch. In order to know if it’s compatible with your smartphone, download the Wear OS apps to be able to connect your watch to the smartphone.


It’s a surprise anymore that Apple Watch only works with iPhone. You can find the watches App store in the preinstalled Apple Watch App for the iPhone. Then, you can install the version of the watch of your favorite iOS apps. The App Store has many features such as games, fitness-tracking apps so also the extensions of your most-used productivity apps then you can get Slack notifications or perhaps see the Trello cards.

#2 Choose your display well

Numbers of smartwatches are using colorful LCD Screen or AMOLED display that will let you view the apps, photos and other content that’s rich in color that will tend to be brighter. However, it has shorter battery life though makers of the smartwatch are improving it. The color display consumes much power that will turn off the watch screens while they are sleeping.

#3 Design and Personalization

If you want to personalize the look of your device, make sure that smartwatches offer a choice of straps or bands and or you can swap them. In addition, most smartwatches are offering plenty of customization options before buying.

#4 Notification and Alerts

A good smartwatch will alert you if there are incoming calls, text messages, emails with a quick buzz to your wrist that can help you check if you need to answer it immediately. Also, you must look for social network integration for the notifications from Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that you can check the most recent notifications even if you miss them from the time they arrive.

Top smartwatches for men to consider

Smartwatches for men #1 – Apple Watch Series 5

Smartwatches for men #1 - Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 is no doubt the best smartwatch in the market so far. The major upgrade this watch offers over its earlier version is an Always-on display. There are, of course, other upgrades to the software and hardware.

Smartwatches for men #2 – Garmin Vivomove HR

Smartwatches for men #2 - Garmin Vivomove HR

This smartwatch is best in packing in solid fitness tracking and basic notifications into an analog design. It has good battery life and detailed exercise metrics such as cadence and average pace so also track exotic activities like snowshoeing.

Smartwatches for men #3 – Samsung Galaxy Watch 43mm LTE

Smartwatches for men #3 - Samsung Galaxy Watch 43mm lTE

Samsung’s line of Galaxy watches is another entrant on our list with an Always-on display. This makes sense, as its direct competitor is the Apple Watch Series 5. These are both great watches, and if you don’t mind spending the money and are looking for a generalist watch with lots of apps, the real decision between the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch 5 is which OS you need, Apple 5 is for Apple users, Samsung is not.

Smartwatches for men are your ultimate smartphone companion

Upon reading the tips and guide before buying a smartwatch, make sure that it will work with your smartphone so that you can enjoy using it and wearing it. It’s also good to be upgraded so that you can relate to what’s trending in the globe nowadays. Also, to experience the amazing features of a smartwatch.