Review of different types of watch styles for men

Understanding the different types of watch styles for men

Watches for men – the beginning of watches – It was amid World War I – troopers tired of angling around their pockets to locate the pervasive pocket watch began wearing it on an arm ornament on their wrists. Up to that point, men’s watches worn on arm jewelry was considered carefully ladies’ design. At first, mocked by people in general as a senseless pattern.

The wrist observes before long turned into the standard as their reasonableness made pocket watches out of date. Some may contend that wristwatches are gradually getting to be out of date. For what reason should a cutting-edge man wear a wristwatch when he could. Without much of a stretch counsel his telephone for a fast time-check? Try to look at these reasons every man should start wearing a watch.

Watch for men buying guide

the importance of a watch

Men seek different things when deciding to buy a watch, or ‘upscale’ to a more expensive, luxury watch. But, as with so many things relating to watches for men, it’s a series of questions, questions, questions. Anytime Watches brings you some of the more important things that you need to consider when buying your watch. Here we go:

the functionality of a watch

Anything propelled by the military has a utilitarian use. Men’s watches included. Watches for men were first utilized in the nineteenth century by the military to synchronize moves amid war. From that point forward, specific watches for men have been utilized in the profundities of the sea by jumpers and high up in the sky by pilots.

One of the huge favorable circumstances of a watch. Particularly over a cell phone – is to what extent it can work in the field. Numerous watches are made to either act naturally fueled through movement. Perhaps to utilize a little measure of vitality from a battery. Consider years upkeep available time telling..contrast that with an advanced mobile phone’s 8 hours!

the simplicity of a watch

Before you even commence the task (art?) of buying a new watch, try and have an idea of what style (or styles) of watch you think you’d like. Read more below on the different styles and types of men’s watches that there are so as to acquaint yourself with the many different types and styles of watches that are available for the discerning man.

Men’s watches – Understanding the movements

There are some technical aspects of men’s watches that you absolutely must consider when buying a watch. First and foremost, there is the watch’s movement. If possible, go Swiss! Switzerland is justifiably famous for making high-quality watch movements. Japan does also makes good movements, but they’re not as respected as those made by the Swiss. Generally, Chinese movements are considered rubbish or below-par.

The Crystals

Then there is the crystal, i.e. the glass that covers the face (or dial) of the watch. Sapphire crystal is the preferred choice of luxury watchmakers. There is a reason for that: Shattered sapphire crystals are relatively rare and typically only occur with a very harsh impact. The better the watch, the thicker the sapphire crystal will be, and thus, less likely to break. Sapphire crystals are incredibly scratch-resistant too. They are far superior to mineral crystals and infinitely superior to the cheapest of crystals used in watchmaking, acrylic crystals.

The Construction of the watch

The construction of the watch is also a very important factor to be considered. For example, steel watches should be made from grade 316L stainless steel for the most part. Plus, the watch case and bracelet links should be solid pieces of metal, rather than folded metal or anything that feels hollow. This is quite easy to determine upon inspection of the watch. When inspecting a watch with a metal bracelet, remember this: Cheaper watches with metal bracelets still have what is called a single locking clasp. This is the type of bracelet that literally just snaps or clicks into place. The best metal bracelets have what are known as double or triple locking clasps.

the different types of watch styles for men

Watches for men - watch types for men

Finally, there is an impressive array of watch types for men. Here are the more typical types/categories (in alphabetical order) that are available:

Watch style #1 Aviator / Pilot watch

Also known as pilot watches. This distinct watch usually has a bezel and slide rule, which was vital for pilots in the days before electronic navigation became the norm. Most aviation timepieces have a black face with luminous numerals and dial – once again, a nostalgic relic of when aviators needed to use them in the dark.

Below is our top choice of Pilot watch read on and view the full review

Breitling Exospace B55

watch styles Breitling Exospace B55

When it comes to pilot watches, companies generally take one of two distinct approaches, pieces that conjure the style worn by an aviator in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, or a watch that might actually be useful to a pilot in the here and now. Former types of pilot watches hold more appeal with a mechanical movement, borad hands-on legible dial, and many an oversized crown and a leather strap. This genre is enjoying a boom in popularity, with pilot watches competing with dive watches for wrist real estate. We have today a large variety of options when it comes to pilot watches, from well-known brands such as Bell & Ross, Bremount, Alpina and so on. Even Rolex showed off its refreshed Air King this year.

However, our top choice of pilot watch that is affordable yet holds all the key to a great pilot watch is the Breitling Exospace B55. Breitling is perhaps more tied to aviation than any other watch brand and has embraced both the nostalgic pilot’s watch and the modern style equally.

Watch style #3- Diving watch

This watch is purpose-made to work in the depths of the ocean. A diving watch is characterized by its rugged construction, luminous dials and hands, and unidirectional bezel. It sits atop the case and is used to tell the diver how much immersion time he has left.

Our choice of diving watches for men

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand

Watch style Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand

Citizen’s Eco-Drive Aqualand generates power through ambient light. This Eco-Drive watch has a unique design that draws attention to the product’s large external dials. The synthetic bands buckle neatly and fit snugly during a dive of up to 200meters. The watch has numerous settings and its face is set under a mineral dial window.

Watch style #4 – Dress watch

This is the most ‘ jewelry-like’ of timepieces. A dress watch tends to be understated, usually with numerals, a simple dial and a lack of adornments or complications. It is usually attached to a leather strap, and should ideally be thin so that it can be ‘unnoticed’ under the wearer’s cuff until he needs to use it – and flaunt it.

Our choice of Dress watches for men


Watch styles A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Moon Phase

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Moon Phase is a great attraction, especially the dial of this watch. It could be described as the epitome of balance, a sort of treaty of pure symmetry and a demonstration of perfect alignment and placement of the complications. It is simple, it is balanced, elegant, discreet and at the same time, it isn’t shy.

Watch style for men- conclusion

Ultimately, there is an allure to men’s watches, as if they have a certain magic about them. And most men are drawn to that.