Review and Complete Buying Guide of sports watches for women

The Importance of Sport Watches

Sport watches are of great value to people who are in running and other athletics. It is one of the most important tools that they should have. Digital watches for women have a lot of advanced features for athletic people than traditional analog watches. Sports watches for women come in different shapes, designs, sizes, and prices. Buying a digital watch when you are inclined with sports gives you a lot of benefits and it is recommended to invest in a more expensive one than one that is in cheap prices but won’t stay long on your wrist.

Buying Considerations

Sport watches are built with many features to enjoy. Sports watches for running, as an instance, were created to withstand adverse conditions. These watches are water-resistant, dust, and scratch-resistant with high quality. Many sports watches for women have smartphone functions such as smartphone notifications, music player, and connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. They also have features that include activity trackers, heart rate monitors, and pedometers.

For women, purchasing one of the best sport watches for women to help you as an athlete could not be as easy. Guides for the things you have to consider are listed here to get one that you would love using for your favorite sports.

Waterproof Design. A swimmer, especially a trainer for athletic events, would always look for the waterproof design of a sports watch.  Some cheaper watches for women are not good when underwater and it’s one of the most important to check before buying your sports watch.

Timer. Sport watches for women that have a timer record runs, laps, and vital statistics that are all important for an athlete’s health. With the timer, a runner would know how many miles he had. It shows the progress of an athlete during training from this day to the next.

Durability. Most sports watches for women at cheap prices don’t stay on your wrist for a long time. This means, there are tendencies that it can’t continuously record your running or swimming data or any sports you are in. The durability of sports watches for women is very important. Investing in the quality of your sports watch is important.

Easy to Read. Not all sports watches have the same look on display screens. Some are difficult to read. If you are a person who might struggle reading the display screens of a watch, always consider a watch with a good, simple, and clear to read display screens.

Price. Before buying a sports watch, always take a look at the price. The price of your watch should always be the one that is worth buying and fits your budget without sacrificing good quality, features and design.

Top Watches

Check on some of the top sports watches for women and their specs:

sports watches for women

Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch

This brand of sports watches for women features an automatic EL backlight with afterglow, world time (and local time), four daily alarms, and hourly time signal. Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch is a little expensive and an amazing watch for water sports. It can be used in scuba diving. This watch is solar-powered, tied to the atomic clock, and water-resistant up to 656 feet. Specs: round, digital display, case diameter is 46mm, with resin band material, bandwidth is 16.6mm, band color is black, dial color is gray.

Timex Mid-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch

This watch has excellent abilities that include a 99-lap counter and a 30 lap memory recall. It has a 24-hour countdown timer and a 100-hour chronograph. It is made in the USA. It has three different color options. It has occasion mode that allows you to store 15 different events. It is water-resistant up to 330 feet. Specs: round, digital display, case diameter is 42mm, resin band material, bandwidth is 14mm, in the blue band, and gray dial color.

Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Jelly Strap Watch

This sports watch for women is available in blue, pink, purple, and clear. It has a very attractive silver-toned dial. Its features include dual time lap time and an alarm clock. This could also be used as a stopwatch.  Armitron is also good for swimmers as it is water-resistant up to 330 feet. It has a 10-year battery lifespan. Specs: round, digital watch, case diameter is 36mm, band material is resin, bandwidth is 16mm, band color is clear, and dial color is gray.

Feature and Performance

Before buying one of the best sports watches for women that fits your budget, the features and performance are two important points to remember. The features of a sports watch are plenty and they absolutely help an athlete to get out of their best exercise. Some of the features should include recording and storing workout data, activity, and exercises. Many watch brands have proven their best performance and this includes the watches’ durability. Before buying your sports watch, it is helpful to check watch reviews and watch comparisons that will help you get the best that you will love.