Quartz Watches – Buying guide, review, pros, and cons

Quartz Watches – It is a clock that uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time.

When we think of watches for men and women you cannot help but wonder about quartz watches. Relatively younger in invention and years in existence compared with the automatic and mechanical types of watches, but the quartz can be noted to be more popular when it comes to the general population. This is widely due to the fact that in comparison this type is surely not as expensive its predecessors. 

Quartz Watches

For this reason, that possibility that you have seen and even own “Quartz Watches” has a strong possibility to it. Another factor that has probably contributed to its popularity is that there are more styles, models, designs and yes even manufacturers that make and circulate this type in the world. Men and women’s watches of this variety can be said to be more attainable than others. 

quartz watches

What is Quartz Watches?

Another name or call for the quartz is silicon dioxide or sand found underneath the earth’s surface. So now we know that it is the name of, an abundant mineral found anywhere in the world. Does it, however, have anything to do as to why “the watch” is named similarly? The simple answer would be yes. The mineral “quartz” is a component in this type of men or women’s watch.

Origin of the Quartz Watches

Primarily, this type of timepiece is a response to the inaccuracy automatic and mechanical watch users experience in their respective timepieces. This inaccuracy is said to reach up to +- 20 seconds per day. From this problematic situation, the brains behind the quartz gave birth to it and the horological was never the same again.

How does the Quartz Watches Work?

  • The mechanism behind this timepiece uses quartz crystal oscillation and an integrated circuit to provide the right and accurate time. It is a lot simpler, yet effective compared with the technology behind the automatic and mechanical movements. It comes with such high oscillation frequency. A typical quartz watch crystal can vibrate up to 32768 times per second, with this inaccuracy is effectively decreased.
  • The quartz watches have an accuracy rate of about +-10 seconds per month. Furthermore, this type of watch has an accuracy of +-10 second per year, not bad right?

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Quartz Watches

It cannot be helped that to appreciate its advantage and disadvantage a comparison between this piece and its direct opposite (automatic and mechanical types) have to be made.

Advantages of Quartz Watches

  • It is definitely more affordable and attainable than other types; quality and accuracy at a lower price
  • As the reason for its existence assures, this piece is surely accurate and precise
  • Due to the simpler mechanism and technology behind it, it is naturally lighter and with a slimmer profile compared with other types

Disadvantages of Quartz Watches

  • Owner and wearer must take note that battery charging or replacement should be monitored and regularly changed ones every 1 or 2 years to ensure its uninterrupted efficient service.
  • It may be considered as common, not necessarily a disadvantage if you do not mind it.

Moreover, this is an additional knowledge to watch wearers about quartz watches. For sure, they will continue purchasing this kind of watch for its amazing existence in the watch industry.