Men’s Watches – The best Scandinavian watch brands to know

Men’s Watches – The best Scandinavian watch brands to know

Scandinavian’s obsession with the meeting point between function and beauty finds its perfect expression in the watch. A good watch requires both elegant design and master craftsmanship.

Here are a few of the most sought out Scandinavian-made or designed watches for men, whether you are for a classic or modern look.

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Men’s Watches #1 Danish Design Watches from Montara Watches

Montara’s watches are in a minimalist design, emphasizing the traditional Scandinavian taste. The first collection “The Voyage” came in the street in 2016 and we have since been taken very well by both customers and the media.

MONTARA | watchbands

Our watch straps are designed in a minimalist style that varies from leather straps with and without stitching and NATO straps in calm and classic colors.

Montara watch band is sold in the size 18 mm, which fits our ladies watch and 20 mm, which suits our men’s watches.

Montara interchangeable strap

The vast majority of our watch bands designed with an interchangeable mechanism, which makes it easy to change the strap without the need for tools.

Men’s Watches #2 Larsson & Jennings

Larsson & Jennings, is a Swiss-made, Swedish & British designed watch, they offer high-quality as well as a beautiful, elegant timepiece.

Men’s Watches #3 Triwa

Triwa is a Swedish brand with excellent craftsmanship that doesn’t need to come with the price tag.

Men’s Watches #4 Georg Jensen

Danish silversmith Georg Jensen watches for men are expensive, but the investment you make will last a lifetime. The brand has a range of styles from feminine to masculine form highly sculptural to timeless.

Men’s Watches #5 Skagen

The Skagen watches are perfect classic, from their leather straps to their gold or silver mesh, and these watches never go out of style and each design has a perfect touch for each chosen outfit and event.

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Morever, try to read at these Scandinavian men’s watches review. You’ll surely purchase the best one for your wrist!

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