Men’s Watches Review: Choose the Right Watch for You

What are the different types of men’s watches?

There are so many different kinds of women and men’s watches available in the market today. This fact causes a lot of people to have mixed emotions; many are excited with the variety of choices open to them, but there are also those that feel anxious because of it. The anxious feeling often comes from the men though. This is probably because generally speaking do not have the patience and the same flare women have where shopping is a concern. This post provides the guidance you may need in getting to know better the wide range of watches for men you can choose from.

men's watches

Men’s Watches 1. Digital Watches

Watches like these are unique as they show time using digits. This includes seconds, minutes, and hours all the necessary details can easily be seen on the dial.

Men’s Watches2. Automatic Watches

Automatic watches for men are called as such because they automatically move as the wearer moves their wrist. This is one of those types of watches that do not need batteries to move and work.  Those who wear this type on a daily basis will have no need to wind it anymore.  

Men’s Watches3. Dress Watches

Simply speaking a dress watch for men is one that is commonly worn for a special and formal dinner out or event that requires either a suit and jacket or a tuxedo.  Would often have a subtly elegant design.

Men’s Watches4. Pilot Watches

Another name for this piece is the aviator watch. The aviator watch was inspired by timepieces that were as the name connotes inspire for watches for men in the aeronautical world.  

Men’s Watches5. Smart Watches

Smartwatches are but another thing the world needs to thank Steve Jobs for. It is the result of a happy marriage between horological mastery and technology.  

Men’s Watches6. Quartz Watches

This is the type that almost caused the extinction of automatic watches in the past. Quartz watches for men and women are relatively cheaper compared to their mechanical or automatic counterparts and as such almost caused the latter’s end. It works through an electronic oscillator that keeps a quartz watch working and moving. Unlike automatic and mechanical watches these pieces require batteries as a power source.

Men’s Watches7. Field Watches

The name I am sure gave a lot of clues as to its nature and purpose. This type is particularly designed and created for officers in the military.  It is also for others who continue to rely on field watches to keep track of the time. That was then, but now field watches have already become a favorite even of regular guys not necessary in the service.

Men’s Watches8. Chronograph Watches

Chronograph basically means a stopwatch. This is nice if you are one that likes to get involved with races and other similar activities. Functional and also have a special feature to it. Proven to be more convenient and easier to use than a regular stopwatch.

Men’s Watches9. Diving Watches

For those who love the waters and activities that are done there, this would be the perfect watch for you.  It is water-resistant, which allows its wearer to use it underwater. Just make sure you check how deep you can actually wear it, the standard would be between 100 m to 300 m in depth. Better check to be sure, before submerging it.

Men’s Watches

Upon reading this article, for sure you already have a choice that suits your fashion and the price is reasonable as well. These types of watches are available in the market. So, better grab one for your wrist and wear it confidently.