Men’s watches review – buying guide, pros, and cons

Men’s watches – get to know the pros and cons of wristwatches

Women’s and men’s watch generally have their benefits to them. This is mostly the reason why, even in this day of age, after over a century they are still around. Nevertheless, it cannot be equally that in everything there is always the good and that not so good side. In other words, if timepieces have their advantages, then it follows that they would also have their disadvantages. 

Men’s watches – the disadvantages

Men's watches - the disadvantages

Men’s watches con #1

1.  Not very comfortable.

Men love to work with their hands so it stands to reason that many of them would naturally complain about the discomfort of wearing a watch as they work. The discomfort often comes from the fact that men’s watch is heavier in weight and bigger in size.  These things get in the way and the feel of rubber straps found in sport’s men’s watch is not great.

Men’s watches con #2

2.  Hassle to use when typing.

Who does not need to type these days be it a man, woman or even young ones? This being our reality it cannot be helped that at one point or another it can be uncomfortable and a hassle. What others do (like myself) would be to just take off their watch while typing and just put it back on when they are done. It is a hassle and could cause the watch to be left behind and lost.

Men’s watches con #3

3. One more to spend on.

It cannot be denied that these days it’s a bit of a challenge to really earn good money. That said, is it then wise to waste hard-earned money on equipment that often cost more than 2 months’ worth of income? After all good quality, men’s watch does not come cheap. Is it a good investment to buy one or is it just a waste of good money?

Men’s watches con #4

4. Time can be seen almost anywhere.

It’s true that when it comes down to it nobody really needs to get a watch if all you need is to be able to tell the time. Almost anywhere you look around you, it would be a wall or desk clock, a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet and in any one of them, time is flashed accurately at al times.  Convenient and hassle-free and no need to spend. 

Men’s watches con #5

Men’s wristwatches, given all these probable things you may experience day to day, do you still feel that buying a men’s watch is a good decision? Before you answer do not forget that with the bad is good. It all really depends on the perspective of the one who will buy and wear the piece. So choose well.

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