Men’s Watches – Everything you need to know about Scandinavian watches

Men’s Watches – Everything you need to know about Scandinavian watches

The purpose of this article is to teach you, what you need to know in order to make a good decision when buying Scandinavian watches and what to look for when admiring a fine timepiece.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to luxury watches, however, there is no wrong choice when you are looking for a great timepiece. Ultimately what matters is choosing the watch that most appeals to you, and that fits your style. Here are a quick guide and information on what you need to know about Scandinavian watches for men.

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Basic watch components of Scandinavian Men’s watches

Knowing the basic watch components of Scandinavian men’s watches can help you determine the quality of the watch you want to purchase. Here are the basic watch components of Scandinavian watches for men;

  • Crown – this is the knob used to set and wind the watch.
  • Lugs – Lugs come in many sizes and shapes, lugs are where the strap is attached to on the case.
  • Case – The case houses the watch mechanism and is almost always made of metal.
  • Dial – This is the face of the watch
  • Crystal – this is the glass on the front or back of the watch that allows you to see inside the case, most Scandinavian watches are made from mineral glass or sapphire.
  • Hands – What hands point to feature on the dial, they come in many sizes, shapes, and materials.
  • Strap – This is the band that holds the watch case to your wrist
  • Movement – This is the mechanism that powers the watch and regulates time.
  • Bezel – The Bezel is usually made of metal and is a ring around the crystal on the top portion of a watch that holds the glass or crystal in place
  • Signature – It is the brand name of the watch

What is mechanical and quartz men’s watches

Most people know the common knowledge of mechanical and quartz watch and the differences between these two. Mechanical and quartz refer to the movement of the watch ( the movement that powers the watch and regulates time).

The biggest distinction between mechanical and quartz watches is the use of the battery, quartz watches are powered by battery and mechanical are powered by gears and springs. You can see the difference between quartz and mechanical watches by the second-hand. The mechanical watch has almost a continuous movement while the second-hand on quartz watch ticks per second.

Mechanical men’s watches are the high-end watches and are more valuable than quartz watches. However, this could also mean that there are expensive quartz watches and cheap mechanical watches out there.

What is manual wind and automatic men’s watches

The terms manual wind and automatic refer to the method in which the watch is wound. Quartz men’s watches run continuously when they have a battery inside, so they cannot be wound. Only mechanical watches have the distinction of being manually and automatically wound.

  • Manual wind

A manual wind watch needs to be wound every time the mainspring runs out (when the watch stops running).  Twisting the crown is the only way to wind a manual watch.

  • Automatic watch

An automatic watch has a weighted rotor that winds the watch by harnessing gravity. The rotor has been close to the ground as possible, so when the watch is worn, the motion of your wrist causes the rotor to spin.

Your men’s watches are rich in history

Timepieces have been one of man’s best style allies for centuries, and choosing a mechanical, automatic watch clearly sets you out from the crowd.

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