Our top choices of Luxury watches for men – Buying guide and review

Why invest in luxury watches?

Luxury watches are expensive things, there is no way around it. But every penny is worth it. Prestige watchmakers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and more. These types of wristwatches are expensive due to the extra-ordinary labor-intensive, incredible materials, and complicated watch movements that have to be to be completed not only by machines but also by hand.

Most people are wearing watches nowadays. Their outfit might not be complete without wearing the preferred watch. Well, there are some types of wristwatches that help you decide which one is best for your wrist. Better check these watches and pick one.

Types of luxury watches to choose from

Automatic luxury watches

Automatic watches are also called self-winding watches. They are the most popular mechanical watches today. Modern watches like these use the natural motion of the wearer’s arm to turn a semicircular rotor. It can winds the watch’s mainspring, making manual winding unnecessary. Another good thing about an automatic watch is that it doesn’t need batteries or external power.

Most popular Automatic watch in the market

luxury watches hamilton khaki king

Hamilton Unisex Khaki King

Hamilton’s Khaki King is a field watch that can serve double duty as a casual or professional watch. The Khaki King is inspired by Hamilton’s line of watches built for soldiers in World War II, the Kahiki boasts clear and easy to read numbering and a design that manages to be elegant without becoming ostentatious.

The day and date window on the top of the dace occupied the twelve o’clock spot without crowding out unnecessary information, and it is housed behind durable sapphire mineral glass for an added layer of protection.

Chronograph luxury Watches

The chronograph is the most famous and recognizable watch complication. A chronograph watch offers more than just the current time. It can set the time for events like cycling or car racing. Chronograph watches range from simple stopwatch models to watches with multiple subdials. It can measure seconds, minutes, hours or even tenths of a second.

Our top choice of chronograph watch – Tag Heuer AquaRacer

luxury watches TAG Heuer Aquaracer

Tag Heuer brings out some stellar wristwatches, and the AquaRacer immediately caught our eye. TAG sticks to what they know – stainless steel bands with buckle closures, and jet black dial back. The Aquaracer is something that never goes out of style.

The best part of this luxury watch is that the water-resistance level is 1000 feet and keeping your 44mm stainless steel case intact while protecting expert-crafted quartz movement beneath the sapphire crystal window.

Apart from the chronograph and date display, you also get a unidirectional rotating bezel. And this watch sits just over a pound, and lays lightly across your wrist, keeping your personal style on point and performing the functions you need. TAG Heuer Aquaracer’s distinct look, triple mini window appearance and a long line of stellar customer service and excellent warranties, are all just a few more reasons why they never cease to impress.

Pilot watches for men

Mechanical watches have the same internal parts and they work the same way, but these timepieces offer a wide variety of fabulous designs that make them look more than just a timepiece. All mechanical watches for men use jeweled bearings to reduce the friction caused by the moving mechanical parts. These jeweled mechanical wonders can be remarkably accurate, with some models receiving official chronometer certification.

Our choice of pilot watch – IWC Big ​Pilot’s​ Watch

luxury watches IWC BIg Pilot

IWC Big Pilot Watch is a must-have Pilot watch for men, this is not only one of the most demand luxury watches for men, but it is also a very reliable and durable option for those who engage in sports, and IWC Big Pilot watch is great for formal attires and occasions.

The Big Pilot watch is one of IWC’s staples, namely the reference 5009 which comes in a steel case and is a tad bit smaller at 46mm wide. For 2012 IWC released the reference 5019 Big Pilot of the Top Gun Collection of Watches. The 5019 version is a bit larger and broader on the sides.

The IWC Big Pilot watch has a 43mm case which is 15.2mm thick and water resistance up to 60m. Calfskin leather strap by Santoni Leather. As with all IWC Pilot watches, the sapphire glass is positioned in a way to protect it from getting displaced by sudden drops in air pressure. The crystal is slightly domed and has an anti-reflective coating on both sides.

This watch IWC Big Pilot can easily be recognized by its distinctive larger diamond-shaped fluttered crown. For the most part, you see certain striking similarities to all the other Pilot’s watches such as the bold Arabic numerals and thick hour markers and of course, the triangle-shaped 12 o’clock hour marker and sword-shaped hands. One of the things you will highly notice on IWC Big Pilot is the JU 52-aircraft engraved on the back of the solid case-back.

This watch uses an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the crystal and is powered by the IWC caliber 521110, a self-winding movement that uses Pellaton automatic winding, a Breguet spring and has a power reserve of 7 days on a full wind. This watch displays the power reserve on the right side of the dial and has a date with at 6 o’clock.

Conclusion on luxury watches

This is in our opinion the best luxury watches for men out there. You may search for more idealistically would fit your personality and lifestyle. However, it is advised if you are about to purchase online, that you check the seller or store first for their authenticity. There are lots of luxury watches out there, that are created to imitate the originals. Make sure you get yourself the authentic luxury watch you want, rather than later on find out it is just an imitation. The key is doing your proper research about the brand and model that you want or considering. The more you know about the product, the better.