Buying guide and review on the top luxury watches for men

Choosing the right watch

Maybe you’re going to a job interview or a business meeting, and you want to have a great first impression. Just like the saying, “dress to impress,” it is possible to earn respect when you’re dressed decently. Whatever your current situation is, you can steal the spotlight by dressing up magnificently. There are men’s watch tips that can help you choose the best one for your wrist. There’s no denying that the first impression others form about you are largely influenced by your clothes and your accessories like watches.

And one of the few men’s fashion accessories that allows you to express your personality is the wristwatch. Also, there are some watch tips that you must know. The watch you wear tells more than the time. It tells people about you, your personality. Nevertheless, you don’t want to have a distracting watch, just one that will make a good first impression.

tips to follow

men's watches tips to follow

tip #1

Choose a reputable brand

In some way, buying a well-know brand can increase the respect that builds up when people look at you. You wouldn’t want to buy a cheap generic watch from that thrift shop. You should stick to dress watches for men from reliable brands like Montara watches.

Tip #2

Choose a conservative dress watch design

You don’t want to buy flashy designs. Professional offices or job interviews are usually no “bling” zones. Your watch should not take the focus off you and your credentials. A casual or sports watch would be good for a night out in town but it may not be the best choice for work in a professional setting or job interview. Generally speaking, if you’re wearing a conservative suit then match it up with a conservative dress watch.

Tip #3

Choose a watch with a normal-sized watch case

For conservative yet classy men, you’ll want one that is about 37mm to 42mm in diameter, and one that is less than 15mm thick. You’ll also want a watch that easily fits under the cuff of a long-sleeved dress shirt. A 57-millimeter case and 25-millimeter thick watch case would be totally inappropriate unless you’re interviewing for a DJ position at a night club.

tip #4

Coordinate the color of your watch with your clothing and other accessories

If your watch has a brown strap, then I suggest matching it with a brown belt and brown shoes. A black strap or silver bracelet style would go best with a black belt and black shoes. If your watch has gold tones then you’ll want gold tones in your belt buckle as well. If you’re wearing a blue suit, you may even want to try a watch with a blue background on the dial.

tip #5

Don’t overwhelm people with an overly expensive watch

If you’re working in a prestigious office, then a luxury watch would help you fit in. But for most jobs, wearing luxurious watches for men when working at a middle-class office would be a bad idea. Your fashion accessories should communicate that you will fit in with the existing team. In that case, a minimal dress watch would help you fit in.

Here is our list of top luxury watches for men

#1 – Rolex Yachtmaster II

The Rolex Yachtmaster II is a huge, extrovert of a watch that is outrageous in concept and screaming for attention. It is a massive departure for Rolex, the brand that, perhaps more than any other, exemplifies that discreetness for which the Swiss are so famous for.

#2 – Ernst Benz Chronolunar Automatic

Ernst Benz as a brand is many things, with an interesting assortment of watches and celebrity relationships. The Ernst Benz Chronolunar Automatic uses the Valjoux 7751 movement found in any number of similarly-features watches, like Omega, Zenos, Glycines, and most interestingly, custom watch projects.

What Ernst Benz is popular for are huge watches, the Ernst Benz Chronolunar Automatic is a big monster 47mm in width and has a black and white, surprisingly readable face.

#3 – Patek Philippe Grand Complications Mechanical

Patek Philippe is renowned for creating some of the most sublime timepieces the world has ever known. And the pinnacle of achievement for the watchmaker, found on excellence almost 180 years ago, is its grand complications.

The exact definition of a grand complication is continually under review in horological circles, but, in essence, it is a skilfully engineered watch that compromises many highly complex functions.

Final tip

Overall, a watch is just a small factor in how you present yourself. Just follow these men’s watch tips to obtain the right men’s watch for your wrist. However, what matters most is how you act and always feel good about what you are wearing.

Surely, you’ll find the best timepiece in the marketplace by following these tips on men’s watches. Below is a list of men’s watches to choose from on Amazon.