Men’s watches – buying guide and review on dress watches for men

Men’s Watches – Precious jewelry for men

Watch is one of the jewelry that any man can wear which is acceptable in the globe. Unlike other jewelry that includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings- they have a critic. Not all men like these kinds of pieces of jewelry, only women do. The men’s watches are enough for gentlemen in terms of practicality. Men considered the watches for men as one of the important things that you must possess for it tells you the right time.

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What type of men’s watches to wear with what outfits?

Men should wear a dress watch with their suit. Never wear a sport or diving or chronograph but a leather watch strap is recommendable. Don’t wear NATO straps or metal bracelets with your suit because it takes away from the formality of the suit. They’re casual in nature.

Gentlemen must wear a sports watch or dress watch in a business casual or casual outfits. The watch straps of men’s watches should be metal, leather or NATO or rubber band. In addition, you can wear a dress watch too but it may depend on your casual outfit. Don’t wear dress watches for men if you’re wearing shorts and flip flops.

How to match men’s watches to your outfit?

Wear a dress watch with a black leather strap if you’re wearing a suit with black dress shoes and a belt.

If your suit has brown dress shoes and a belt, wear a dress watch with a brown leather strap.

You can wear any type of men’s watches such as dress watches, any sports watches, diver, pilot and more if it’s not a suit.

How many men’s watches you should own?

Two or three different types of men’s watches can cover all your bases. Also, it can cover you for all the outfits and situations you’ll be meeting soon. One formal watch like a dress watch and one for a casual outfit, that would be enough for men.

What men’s watches you should own?

Men’s Watches – Silver Dress Watch with a black leather strap

If you’re planning to own one timepiece, this one is good for you. It can cover you in all situations either casual or informal occasions. However, you need to have a brown leather band to match your get-up.

The silver case is a must-have because it will match with everything. Whenever you’re planning to get men’s watches with a black or gold case and black leather band, it won’t match. The size of the case will depend on your preference but the classic dress watch should be very thin and small (sub 40MM). Better get the smaller one if you have a small wrist then bigger for a wider wrist.

The white dial is recommended because it can match everything. The skeleton, black, blue or other dials will not match too because it will look more sporty or flashy.

Wear a black leather strap for your dress watch. Never wear NATO or strap with your suit.

Men’s Watches – Silver or Gold Dress Watch with a brown leather strap

The black leather strapped dress has the same requirements with the brown leather-strapped dress but with one major exception that you should consider. The gold case will be acceptable because you’re matching it with brown regardless of the color of your belt. However, if you want to have one men’s watches then better get a brown band as it matches all get-ups.

Men’s Watches – Chronograph or Diving Watch

They are often called as Sports watches. Men would want to own this type of men’s watches because it can match any outfit from business casual on down. Again, don’t wear your sports watch with a suit for it must be worn on a casual outfit.

It’s better to choose black or blue dial with a slight edge to blue, more navy like Omega’s Speedmaster in Titanium. Also, not royal blue just like the Rolex Submariner in 16k white gold.

The diving or chronograph men’s watches with the silver metal bracelet is better for casual outfits, either in titanium or stainless steel. Black or gold bracelet still the best choice for men because it goes with everything.

Men’s Watches – Perfect match to men’s outfit

Men nowadays embraced the modern men’s watches in the market as they realized that not all watches can match their outfit, especially to the suit. Because of that, they know when to wear the dress watch, diving, and chronograph watch. It’s clearly stated to never wear sports watch or chronograph watches for men with the suit because it’s designed for casual outfits only. Men sometimes don’t mind the timepiece; they are wearing in a certain event either casual or formal as long as they’re wearing their favorite watch. But with these guidelines, men have an idea on which men’s watches to wear that would perfectly match their get-up.